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8 Effective Nursery Feng Shui Tips For Happy Children That Work

Creating good room Feng Shui to attract a positive vibe is not only applicable to adults. Building a nourishing environment for babies or young children is also essential. If you have a nursery filled with good energy, it will help them to flourish from a young age.

Here are some nursery Feng Shui tips for creating positivity and nurturing energy in the baby room.

1. Unobstructed and Good Energy Flow

Ensure that the energy can flow freely in the room without any obstructions. For example, it is best to open and close the room door completely. Remove and clear any clutter or obstacles behind the door. It will create a positive qi to flow freely and avoid accumulating stagnant energy.

2. Keep the Nursery Clutter-less For Good Feng Shui

Clutter and unclean environment is taboo because you cannot achieve thriving Feng Shui in such a space. So make sure you do routine cleaning and keep the living space spick and span.

Besides that, you should also discard toys your child lost interest in or outgrown. Again, this action helps to encourage growth and development.

3. Place Bed in Command Position

You should place the baby bed or crib in the “Command Position”, meaning that the child has the best view of the whole space, with a back supporting wall.

Similar to the bedroom Feng Shui, the head of the bed should be against a solid wall to symbolize support from noblemen (贵人).

Position the bed in a spot where your child can view the door but not directly face it.

4. Steer Clear of Poison Arrows

Avoid any corners from furniture directed towards the baby in the crib. In such a situation, it generates negative energy that makes it difficult for the baby to enjoy quality sleep.

To resolve this issue, rearrange the furniture to another location so that no sharp edges are pointing at the crib. Alternatively, you can soften them by draping fabric over the edges.

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5. Be Mindful Of Colour Used

Choosing the right colour in the nursery is essential to creating a good Feng Shui. It is always tempting to bring bright and vibrant colours like red or orange to the baby’s room.

But it is not recommended because these “yang” colour is too stimulating and will keep the baby awake.

It is good to use soothing colours like green, blue, white, and beige to encourage good sleep quality.

6. Keep The Nursery Well Ventilated

Always keep the windows open to bring in the natural lighting and fresh air. If you close the baby room’s windows at all times, it creates stagnant energy that is not beneficial for the child’s growth.

If there are no windows in the room, you can place a small fan on a dresser to keep air moving in the room. But do not place the baby under a ceiling fan as these disrupt their body energy.

7. Remove Electronic Appliances

It is advisable to keep all electronic appliances and mobile devices away from the room. It is because they emit EMFs, which can lead to health and sleeping issues.

8. Natural Lighting Encourage Growth

It would help if you always allow natural lighting into the nursery. However, remember to balance the brightness so that it is neither too dark nor bring during the day.

If the room is too bright, it could affect the baby’s ability to sleep. On the other hand, if the room is too dark, the space will accumulate too much “yin” energy which is a negative vibe.

I hope you have learnt these helpful Feng Shui tips to transform your nursery into a comfortable place for your little ones to rest and relax.



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