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13 Useful Bedroom Feng Shui Tips For Better Sleep and Health

The bedroom is a space to rest and rejuvenate after a long work day. As we spend one-third of a day in this dedicated location, we should try applying the best bedroom Feng Shui tips to tap and harness the positive energy.

You can apply Feng Shui to bedrooms to promote a good night’s sleep. Based on Feng Shui principles, you should arrange the bedroom to feel safe and comfortable.

So, in this article, I will share a list of helpful bedroom Feng Shui tips to follow and apply.

1. Avoid Bedroom Door Facing Toilet Door

Feng Shui is the art of arranging space to promote health and wellness. One way to do this is by using the energy flow principles in your home. The energy of a location affects how we feel and think, so placing the things you want more of in your life in those most likely to be filled with positive energy is essential.

For example, if your bed is facing directly towards the bathroom, it will cause illness mainly on bones and muscles and also loss of wealth. A toilet is a place with moisture that gives out stinky and foul smells. So if you are sleeping facing directly toward the bathroom, you will absorb the negative energy.

If you do not resolve this problem, it might cause significant illness. Therefore, changing your bed arrangement as fast as possible is better. How it affects you depends on the parts of the body that is facing the toilet door.

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2. Do Not Locate Your Bed Facing The Room Door

This layout will cause health problems to different parts of your body depending on the door facing.

a. Door facing head – It will cause headache and migraine

b. Door facing stomach – It will cause gastric and stomach problems

c. Door-facing legs – It will cause issues relating to your lower body

It will cause health problems to different body parts depending on the door facing. It might even cause severe headaches and make you lose concentration when thinking.



3. Do Not Have a Mirror Facing Directly Towards The Bed

Many people like to use mirrors to create a feeling of vastness, but this can be a problem for the bedroom. When you look at the reflection, you will see your bed, which could lead to indecisiveness about whether or not to sleep.

This situation will cause you to be in a trance and cannot concentrate your thinking right. So, try not to put any mirrors in the bedroom if possible.

4. Avoid Sleeping Under a Beam

Sleeping under a beam is not just bad for your health; it can also cause serious mental health problems. For example, some people have reported feeling claustrophobic or anxious when they sleep under beams.

On the other hand, it might also cause insomnia, lack of sleep and headache. So, in the long run, it will negatively impact your health condition.

5. Do Not Position Your Bed Facing Wall Corners Knives 

If you are sleeping facing sharp wall corners, you might face dizziness, headache and undetectable illness symptoms. This structure creates the Sha Qi, also known as the poison arrows, which are harmful to one’s health.

To remedy this issue, you can consider working with fabric to soften the intense energy if you have a protruding wall corner or a piece of unmovable furniture. Alternatively, you can try to round off the sharp corner with a minor renovation. Although it is not cheap, if you plan to stay long in the house, it is something worth considering.

Wall-Corner-Facing-Bed feng shui

6. Do Not Position Your Bed Below a Staircase

People would place their beds below a staircase for convenience and space-saving. However, it is a bad idea. This poor bed placement can cause the person to have a nightmare and bad luck.

Since it is impossible to relocate the staircase, there is no other way except to move your bed to another location.

7. Avoid Sleeping with Your Head Behind Against The Same Wall of The Bathroom 

Sleeping in this position for a long duration will cause migraine and ideological confusion, and your mind cannot concentrate.

The best solution is to move the bed to a better location and follow the other bedroom feng shui tips.


8. Avoid Sleeping Behind The Wall That Partition Your Bedroom and Altar Table

It is best if you can avoid such a situation as our bedroom is a space of intimacy, so it disrespects the gods. Therefore, moving your bed or adjusting the altar position is the best resolution.

9. Headboard Does Not Have Solid Backing Support

Some people like to slant or float their beds to create a romantic atmosphere. They might even move the bed to shift away from the overhead beam. However, always remember that the bed must have a solid wall or sturdy headboard supporting as a backing. If not, it will affect the quality of sleep.

10. Remove Electronic Devices like TV, Sound System and Mobile Phones Away From The Bedroom

The bedroom is a place to rest and re-energize for the next day. Unfortunately, if you put a TV in your room, you tend to watch it for 1 or 2 hours until you feel sleepy. This habit will deprive your hours of sleep and affect your next day’s energy.

If this situation continues, it can affect your health and career too. It does not only apply to a TV. A mobile phone also gives off radiation even in standby mode, so it is not advisable to place it beside you while sleeping.

11. Do Not Position Air-con Directly Above Your Bed

The cold air will blow straight towards your body if the air con is directly above you. Your pores will be slightly opened when you sleep, so it can easily cause sicknesses like cold, muscle rigidity and headache.

12. Position Your Bed Directly Above or Below The Stove or Toilet is a Bad Idea

Positioning the bed above or below the stove can affect your liver function. As a result, it increases the fire element that is a catalyst for health deterioration.

13. Shy Away From Fanciful Decoration on the Bedroom Ceiling

Keeping the ceiling above your head simple and clutter-less is a good bedroom Feng Shui. Unfortunately, in recent years, people have liked to decorate their ceilings with mirrors or some art pieces. Therefore, it causes difficulties in sleeping and eventually leads to health issues.

I hope these Feng Shui bedroom tips can help you bring positive energy into the space.

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