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Ceiling Fan in The Bedroom – Is It Yes or No For Good Home Feng Shui?

Many conflicting views among Feng Shui practitioners surround having a ceiling fan in the bedroom. Is it a good or bad Feng Shui? It is especially true in countries that have hot temperatures all year round. Apart from installing air-conditioners, ceiling fans bring more cost savings in electricity.

However, there are two sides to the same coin, and each group has their explanation. It depends on the individual to the side they are taking. Let’s look at the reasons behind them.

Why Is Ceiling Fan in Bedroom Considered Good Feng Shui?

1. Having a ceiling fan in the bedroom keeps the air in the room fresh.

2. It encourages Chi energy to move with its circular motion and improves air circulation.

3. Space saving with one lesser thing on the floor will create clutter in the room, especially in smaller spaces.

Why Ceiling Fan in Bedroom Bad Feng Shui?

1. Having a ceiling fan directly above your head can cause stress and tension to the ones who are sleeping below.

2. Having a low height ceiling fan gives people a feeling of unseen oppression and lack of security.

3. The cutting Chi generated by the fan can cut and negatively impact the love relationship.

ceiling fan in bedroom feng shui


What To Do If You Need A Ceiling Fan in Your Bedroom?

1. You can install the ceiling fan away from your bed in your bedroom for good Feng Shui.

2. Don’t install the ceiling fan too low – If you have a low ceiling, avoid installing one in your room, especially for those with a double-decker bunk bed.

3. Do not install those designs that come with adjustable lighting.

4. Ensure that the ceiling fans are properly maintained and regularly cleaned.

What Is The Alternative Solution to Having a Ceiling Fan?

You can consider installing a wall fan instead of a ceiling fan because it serves the same purpose: to cool the surrounding. In addition, having a wall fan is also very practical because they do not occupy any floor space and do not cost much. They are safe, too, due to the covered blades.

If you don’t fancy the idea of wall fans, a bladeless fan and air conditioner will be great options too.



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