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Is West Facing House Good or Bad Feng Shui? Should I Buy Or Miss?

It is crucial to consider the orientation of your home when considering the purchase. It is because the direction of your home can have a significant impact on your lifestyle and well-being. For example, many people avoid choosing west facing house because it is terrible for Feng Shui, which many of us already know.

Therefore, people usually shy away from buying homes with such an orientation. That is especially true in Singapore because we face the afternoon sun’s heat all year. It is even worse if the sun directly affects the living room or bedroom because the accumulated heat makes people uncomfortable.

4 Top Reasons Why You Should Not Choose a West Facing House

So let’s explore why a house with this orientation is not desirable to stay in, in the view of Feng Shui and practical use.

1. Increased Rate of Wear and Tear

In the long period, the house’s furniture, curtains, and flooring will fade off under the strong influence of the ultraviolet rays and sunlight.

2. Increase in Cost of living

The heat from the sun increases the house’s temperature, resulting in a higher utilisation rate of indoor equipment, like refrigerators and higher consumption of air conditioning. All these effects will increase your electric bill.

west facing house bad feng shui


3. Discomfort Causes Disharmony 

Household members staying in such a house get bad temper quickly, and it might affect the relationship. Moreover, it can affect the emotional and physical health conditions in the long run.

4. Poor Wind Ventilation

In such a situation, it has poorer wind ventilation than the North-South facing units.

In conclusion, it is best to include the house’s orientation as a selection criterion for choosing your new home. Besides that, you should consider the external and internal factors during house hunting.

If you have no choice and already live in a west facing house, investing in good solar films might be a good idea. They can help minimize the amount of heat and UV gained through the transmission of the sunlight while still allowing natural light to come in.




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