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5 Surprising Things About Pachira Money Tree For Good Luck

We all know that many types of money trees or plants are closely associated with wealth and abundance. Pachira Aquatica money tree is one of them that has become very popular on the Asian continent, especially in Chinese society. It usually comes with braided or twisted stems and lush green leaves spreading at the top of the plant. Many believed that this lucky plant could bring money luck to the owner.

1. What does Pachira Aquatica Money Tree Symbolize?

This well-liked money plant has auspicious symbolism and meanings attached to it. That makes it one of the most popular plants to bring back home or offices.

It symbolises wealth and prosperity and brings good fortune to the owners. This money plant is one of the ideal gift options for your loved ones or friends to be used as an office or home decor.

2. Where Should This Money Plant Be Kept In The House or Office For Good Feng Shui?

It is essential to follow the guidelines of Feng Shui with the placement of this money tree. In addition, you must know the intent to facilitate the flow of energy to achieve the desired outcome.

a. Living Room For Better Health

You can place this plant in the living room corner or next to a television. It helps to minimize the EMF radiation generated from the TV. In addition, it will help create a more vibrant and healthy living space for living.

b. Business Space For Positive Energy

The money plant carries not only a lucky symbolism, but it also adds a touch of natural beauty and elegance to the corporate working space. It is often seen in the lobby or receptionist area, making people feel welcome. Some even place this lucky plant in their finance department or wealth corner.

Retail store owners will place the plant in the cashier area to symbolize incoming money.

c. Sector in The House With Annual Flying  Star #8

You can place this plant in the sector where the annual flying star #8 is in the house. It helps boost the energy of this star of prosperity and brings wealth luck to the household members.

d. Indoor or Outdoor For Protection

Unlike some desktop plants, this tree plant can grow to 6 to 8 feet tall and more enormous. You can also place it at the front door for protection. Besides that, it also helps mitigate unfavourable energy like poison arrows created by pointed wall corners and pillars.

Pachira Money Tree take care


3. How To Care For Pachira Money Tree?

You might already know that only lively plants bring good energy, while dead or withered ones create stagnant ones. If you intend to bring this money tree to add some greenery to your space, it is crucial to take good care of them. Don’t worry. It is a relatively easy plant to maintain and does not require much effort.

Like most plants, it requires sunlight to grow, but don’t put it under direct sunlight. However, it is not too particular about water or food. You can water it 2 – 3 times a week.

4. Are Money Trees (Pachira Aquatica) Pet Friendly?

Good news to all plants and pets lovers, you can have the best of both worlds. This money tree plant will not cause any harm to your pets if they accidentally eat it. However, it may lead to stomach upset. Some of the toxic plants to pets are Aloe Vera, snake plant, ZZ plant, sago palm and more.

5. Does the 7th Leaf on The Tree Mean Extreme Good Luck?

This money tree plant typically has 5 or 6 leaves on each stem, but you are in luck if you find one with seven leaves. Consider buying a lottery because many believe this extra leaf on the plant brings extreme luck to the owner.



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