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10 Unusual Travel Superstitions To Follow When Overseas

In many cultures worldwide, superstitions are prevalent among many people, and they always believe in playing safe than being sorry. There are superstitions you should observe during significant events, like weddings, pregnancy and moving house.

However, it can also be for a casual occasion like holidaying. If you are a frequent traveller or just a leisure holidaymaker, there are some travel superstitions to follow when you are overseas.

1. Don’t Stay in a Room at The End of the Corridor

Staying in a room at the end of a corridor is undesirable due to the accumulation of “Yin” energy, a common superstition in some cultures, particularly in Chinese Feng Shui principles. Rooms at the end of corridors may receive less natural light and airflow, leading to stagnant or trapped energy that could be more conducive to a harmonious and positive living environment.

Therefore, those people who believe in travel superstitions might avoid booking or staying in such rooms, especially in hotels or apartments.

2. Leave The Bible Alone

In some travel superstitions and beliefs, touching or opening a Bible placed in a hotel room for protection is inauspicious or disrespectful. If you enter the room and find any open bible, you can politely request a new hotel room from the staff. Most hotels aim to accommodate such requests to ensure guests have a comfortable and pleasant stay.

3. Don’t Stay in a Hotel Room With No Windows

Suppose there are no windows or openings in the room. In that case, it will create a space filled with negative energies, accumulating “Yin” energy and dispersion of “Yang” energy.

Windows provide access to natural light and ventilation, creating a more pleasant and comfortable environment. Staying in a windowless room can make people feel claustrophobic and may lack adequate ventilation.

4. Door Knocking 3 Times Before Entering

Knocking on the door three times before entering a hotel room is a superstition or habit many people follow that you might already know. It is more like greeting and informing “someone” staying in the room that you are just borrowing the room for a few days. If there is a doorbell, use it too.

Some people believe that doing this action can ward off negative energy or spirits lingering in the room. It’s a symbolic way of announcing one’s presence and dispelling potential negativity.

5. Use Your Six Sense and Feel It

Feel for yourself when you first enter the room. It will tell you something and give you a hint. If you feel chilly, uncomfortable or smell any foul scent, it will be good to request a room change.

Some people believe that doing this action can ward off negative energy or spirits lingering in the room. It’s a symbolic way of announcing one’s presence and dispelling potential negativity.

6. Don’t Leave Any Bed Empty

If you are travelling alone and in a hotel room with two separate beds, remember to place your bags or clothes on the other empty bed. In addition, it is good to make the bed as messy as possible.

This action is to indicate that the bed is occupied. Please do not leave it empty; you don’t know what it will attract.

7. Say No To A Pitch Dark Hotel Room

It is good to leave at least one light switched on in the room because it will give you a sense of security and allow you to sleep better.

In addition, having a light on can make navigating the space at night easier, reducing the risk of tripping or stumbling.

tips on travelling knock door


8. Flush The Toilet Bowl Before First Use

Some believe flushing the toilet bowl will wash away the “dirty” thing. (not the faeces!). However, if you look at it logically, it is also for hygiene purposes.

9. Don’t Arrange Your Shoes or Slippers Too Neatly

It is good to have each shoe facing a different direction (just like a symbol of Ba Gua).

10. Master The Art of Taking Photograph

It is inevitable for one to take photographs when overseas, but note the under-mentioned taboos in photo taking.

a. Avoid taking Mausoleum/Tomb as the background in your photo

b. It is best to avoid taking a photograph with an old house or those thousand years old trees as the background

c. Avoid taking photos in 3 because it seems like the person in the centre is squeezed by both sides, and it might cause separation

d. Avoid taking photographs at night because you never know what you are taking.

e. Do not take a photo of the mirror reflection of yourself, especially at night, because the mirror attracts “Yin” energy easily.

You can call these travel superstitions, bullshit, myths or anything, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.



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