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Feng Shui Ba Gua Mirror – 5 Things To Know Before Using It

Feng Shui Bagua Mirror is an ancient Chinese tool to bring harmony and balance into the home. The Chinese believed this tool could help deflect negative energy from home and attract positive energy.

The Ba Gua Mirror is usually round or octagonal, and people typically decorate it together with good luck symbols, such as dragons or phoenixes. By hanging this mirror strategically, one can create a harmonious environment within their home.

In this article, we will discuss some examples of negative energy you may use a Bagua mirror to deflect. We will also discuss how these mirrors work and why they are so effective in protecting your home from harm.

Why Do We Use Feng Shui Ba Gua Mirror?

Bagua mirrors are a traditional Chinese tool practitioners use if “poison arrows” are directed into the house. It can ward off or deflect the negative energy from sharp or pointing objects that could bring bad luck and misfortune to a home.

These objects include traffic, lampposts, objects pointing towards your home, and roadways pointing at your house. So, people used Bagua mirrors to deflect the negative energy of these objects away from the building, creating a protective shield around it.

As a result, using Feng Shui Bagua mirrors for such situations can help to ensure that the house is safe and secure from any potential harm or misfortune.

What Are The Examples of Sha Chi You May Use Bagua Mirror?

  • Sharp edge corners of a building, especially if they are a prison, hospital, police station, etc.
  • A T-junction is when the road gushes towards the house or office.
  • Giant trees close to a building.
  • Unsightly landscapes when you see from your windows or balcony
  • Any structures transmit electrical power, such as an electrical station or substation.
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What Are The Types of Feng Shui Ba Gua Mirrors?

There are three types of Bagua mirrors that some Feng Shui experts typically use. By understanding the different types of mirrors, you can make sure you choose the right one for your home or business.

Convex Bagua Mirrors

Convex Bagua Mirrors are a powerful tool used by Feng Shui practitioners to ward off negative energy and enhance positive energy in an area. They are particularly effective for highly harmful cha qi, such as prisons, hospitals, and graveyards. These areas generally have a higher concentration of negative energy that you need to address with the appropriate Feng Shui remedy.

Therefore, you can use the convex Bagua mirrors to deflect this type of harmful chi away from the area. But avoid using these mirrors in typical homes or businesses because they could cause more harm than good.

However, it is essential to apply this Feng Shui cure with the supervision of a good Feng Shui master. An inappropriate placement or use of these mirrors could attract more negative energy instead of deflecting it away. With their expertise and knowledge, a good Feng Shui master can ensure you get the best out of your convex Bagua mirror.

Concave Bagua Mirrors

The concave Bagua mirror is a powerful tool to neutralise and passively absorb negative energies. Therefore, people believed it to be an effective way of blocking negative energy from the environment or other people.

This mirror has a unique design with a curved surface that allows it to absorb the energy rather than reflect it. Unlike the convex mirror, this concave design can create a harmonious environment and bring balance into one’s life. In addition, with its ability to absorb negative energies, this mirror can help protect your home and family from harmful influences.

Therefore, using a concave Bagua mirror might be a more humane way to mitigate harmful energies without harming people around us.

Flat Surfaced Bagua Mirrors

Flat Bagua mirrors are one of the most effective Feng Shui cures for deflecting negative energy and protecting your home. These mirrors are placed above the door to reflect any negative energy or objects causing harm. Flat Bagua mirrors are by far the best choice when using Feng Shui to create a harmonious environment in your home.

Where Should I Use The Feng Shui Bagua Mirror?

Firstly, you should always place the mirror facing outside your house towards the exterior Sha Qi affecting you.

Secondly, avoid placing the Ba Gua mirror facing the house’s interior because it can cause bad luck.

Last but most important, it is taboo to place the mirror facing your neighbour directly, because you also don’t want the bad energies to get reflected towards them. Some Feng Shui masters advise Bagua mirror to mitigate such a situation, but we don’t.

How to Hang Feng Shui Bagua Mirror Correctly?

If you plan to use the Bagua mirror as the Feng Shui cure, it is crucial to hang the tool correctly to reap its full benefits. It would be best to hang the mirror with the heaven trigram on the top, which has three unbroken lines.



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