Chinese New Year Lanterns

6 Ways To Decorate Chinese New Year Lantern For Good Fortune

The Lunar New Year is just around the corner, and many people have already started to do spring cleaning. In addition, they also decorate the house with auspicious symbols to promote the festive atmosphere and are ready to welcome the new year with open arms. The Chinese New Year lantern is one of the most popular decorations.

The lanterns have different shapes and sizes and are used for decoration, to ward off evil spirits and to light up the house. The most common type of Chinese New Year Lantern is the “lantern of fortune”, which can be hung on a door or window with a red cord to bring good luck.

But do you know how to hang them correctly to invite good luck? We got you covered with the correct techniques to usher in good fortune for the New Year.

Why Do People Light Lanterns For Chinese New Year?

First, let’s explore why the Chinese like to light up lanterns during the lunar new year.

The Chinese New Year also called the Spring Festival, is the most important celebration in China. It is a time of happiness and a time for family reunions.

People light lanterns because they believe that they can guide the way for their ancestors and bring them happiness. Lanterns are also used as a symbol to ward off evil spirits from entering homes during this time of year.

1. Avoid Reusing the Chinese New Year Lantern

If you have heard this before from your parents or the elderly, we should not reuse the lantern from the past years. In Chinese tradition, people believe that you should dispose of the lantern after use for good luck.

2. Don’t Hang A Single Lantern

Many usually hang the Chinese New Year lanterns outside their houses, on buildings or trees, but they are supposed to hang more than just a single lantern. Instead, it would be best if you hang them in a pair to usher good fortune.

The Chinese have a famous saying, “Good things come in a pair”, so the concept applies to hanging the lanterns to embrace this auspicious meaning.

3. Hang at the Favourable Position

The Chinese new year lantern should be hung at both sides of the door and positioned at the correct sectors.

Favourable sector: South /Southwest/Northeast

Unfavourable sector: North because it belongs to the water element and might clash with the fire element of the lantern.


4. Symmetrically Aligned

The Chinese culture believes that lanterns must be symmetrically aligned for good luck. It is because if you don’t align them properly, it will cause disturbances to the natural balance between yin and yang in your life.

So, ensure both lanterns are properly aligned at the same height and distance apart.

5. Choose Red Lantern 

In Chinese tradition, red is the bright colour of luck and joy. So if you have a red lantern hanging at your doorstep, it symbolises “鸿(红)运当头“, meaning that good fortune is coming with many opportunities knocking at your door.

On the other hand, avoid having white lanterns because they represent death and mourning.

6. Don’t Hang The Lantern at the Centre of the Door

Our house’s main door is the mouth of chi and should be free of clutter. So if you hang the lantern at the centre, it can obstruct the positive chi from flowing in and prevent the negative chi from flowing out.

Many guides are available if you want to take up the challenge of DIYing your Chinese New Year lantern.

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