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3 Weirdest Umbrella Superstitions That Will Surprise You

Previously, I wrote an article about gifts to avoid giving to Chinese people, and one of the items mentioned was an umbrella. According to Chinese tradition and practices, it is not only a portable canopy to shield us from rain and sun. An umbrella can bring luck and prosperity if used appropriately.

On the other hand, if misused, it can bring bad luck and misfortune. Do you believe in these beliefs and their impact on one’s life? Today, I will delve further into umbrella superstitions.

1. Is It Bad Luck to Open Umbrella Indoor?

There is a widespread belief in Chinese society that you will attract spirit into your place when you open an umbrella inside your house. It is because ghosts are attracted to shadows, so when you open an umbrella indoors. The shade under the umbrella can create an entrance for the spirit to enter.

Therefore, the elder will advise against opening an umbrella indoors, especially during Chinese Ghost Month.

2. Gifting an Umbrella is a Big No

You might have heard about a strange umbrella superstition: giving an umbrella to anyone as a gift is a taboo, but why? It is because the Chinese word for umbrella 伞 Sǎn pronunciation sound like 散 Sà, meaning scattered or split, which is considered as unlucky for any joyous event.

Unless you want to end the relationship with your loved ones, avoid giving an umbrella to them.

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3. Why do the Chinese Use Red Umbrellas in Weddings?

The use of a red umbrella in Chinese wedding ceremonies is deeply rooted in cultural traditions and symbolism. It is because red is the most auspicious colour and symbolizes joy and happiness. Therefore, you can see many decorations in red such as the double happiness symbol, mystic knot, etc.

In addition, the Chinese believe that using a red umbrella during a wedding brings blessing and good fortune to the couple’s union.

Besides the auspicious meaning, people also believe that the red umbrella, with its vibrant colour, can ward off negative energies and protect the bride from any evil intentions or misfortunate.

It is essential to know that the bride must not hold the umbrella. Instead, it should be the maid of honour, but in some traditions, it can also be the bride’s father. In addition, you must use a new umbrella because Using an old, borrowed, or gifted umbrella symbolizes giving luck away. After the wedding ceremonies, the married couple must keep the red umbrella for good luck and fertility.



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