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Door Opening Ceremony Ultimate Guide For New House Owners

Regardless if you are getting a new BTO flat or resales house, you must be very excited to open the house immediately once you collect the key. But wait… you must have heard of elderly telling you that you need to perform some ritual before opening the door. Well, you are now confused what to do next.

In this article, we will be covering a simplified open door ceremony so that you can put your mind at rest and also “satisfied” your elderly requirement. Do note that this is not really a Feng Shui stuff, but we will rather adopt a “Be safe than be sorry” attitude.

Step By Step Door Opening Ceremony & Ritual

Preparation for the ceremony 

1. Choose an auspicious date and time for the open house ceremony using yearly almanac (Tong Shu) or engage a professional. This is to ensure that the day is an auspicious day and the zodiac does not clash with you and your spouse. If you have any immediate family members that wish to join you, ensure that their zodiac does not clash too, but do not allow any outsiders to join in.

Note: If the key collection date clash with your Zodiac, don’t fret, just open the house on another day.

2. Prepare the necessary items listed below for the ceremony.

door opening ceremony items


ItemQuantityWhat does it mean?
Pineapple1Abundance of wealth
Uncooked Rice1 PackWealth
Green Bean1 PackWealth
Salt1 PackThese 2 items are believed disperse any negative energy in the house
Tea Leaves1 Pack

Note: Mix the green bean, salt, uncooked rice and tea leaves

Step by Step Guide on the actual day

Step 1: Open the door at the Auspicious date and time chosen and say auspicious words like 开门大吉, 幸福美满, 平安发财 

Step 2: Before stepping into the house, roll in the pineapple with your best bowling skill and shout “HUAT AH”

Note: Do not consume the pineapple and it is best to place under a tree after the ceremony if possible. This symbolises the continuation of prosperity instead of ending it in the trash can.

Step 3: After that (before stepping into the house), sprinkle the mixture into the house to indicate the commencement of the ritual.

Step 4: Next, after entering the new house and still facing in the house from the main door. Start from your right side, follow the route and sprinkle the mixture at every corner of the house. Including the living room, all the bedrooms, store room, maid room, kitchen, toilets and service yard and etc.

Open house ceremony


Step 5: After going a complete round of the entire house, you will reach your main door again. When you reach this point, grab a handful of the mixture and sprinkle it out of the house to indicate the end of the ritual. This also symbolises dispersing all the inner negative and Yin energy out of your new house.

Step 6: Go out of your house and close the door. Come back again after 2 hours to open the door again.

This will complete the whole new house door opening ritual and next, you should perform the “Start Renovation” ceremony too.

You can also check out the step by step guide in this video.

YouTube video


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