Which Car Colour Is Best?

Which Car Colour Is Best?(5 Factors To Choose The Right One)

Choosing the type of car might be a piece of cake to most people, but deciding on the car’s colour can be a headache. Of course, most people go with their favourite colour. In contrast, others will put their logical thinking hat, brooding over the selection of colour choices by considering the various practical factors like the climate, dirt visibility, and colour that is easy to maintain.

While choosing the best car colour may not be the key determining factor in your purchase decision, it holds significant importance for many car buyers. Choosing the right colour can be tricky, though. Apart from aesthetics, look and feel, factors like maintenance, resale value, and cost affect the selected car colour. In Asian countries, some people even believe in lucky colours when choosing car paint.

But, if you still cannot decide which car colour is best, consider practicality or using Feng Shui to give a more precise direction.

1. Personal Preference

When picking a car colour, every buyer has a personal choice because it reflects a person’s character and style. For example, people who love to stand out from the crowd prefer bright, bold colours that attract attention.

On the other hand, another group of car buyers prefer simplicity, and they will choose white, silver or black.

So choose the shade that goes well with you.

2. Care and Ease of Maintenance

Maintaining your car’s appearance can pose challenges, particularly regarding specific colours. While pearl hues tend to be more forgiving, other colours like black and red demand careful maintenance due to their susceptibility to scratches, grime, and dirt, which are easily noticeable.

On the other hand, colours such as white, grey, and silver are relatively easier to keep clean. Moreover, in contrast to darker colours, lighter shades reduce the tendency to show dirt. Dark colours, however, require extra effort to maintain their attractiveness. In addition, the deeper the hue, the more visible scratches become, requiring additional time spent polishing body panels.

In addition, dark metallic shades are more prone to wear and necessitate extra care. Nevertheless, these hues can be the most visually striking when adequately maintained.

3. Heat Absorption

Metal possesses excellent heat conductivity. Study indicates that the share of silver and white cars is cooler than dark cars. Vehicles with dark hues absorb more heat, leading to increased interior temperatures. In addition, the colour of your vehicle affects your car’s fuel performance.

4. Resales Value

The choice of colour for a car can influence its resale value. As a result, buyers often prefer white, black, grey, or silver cars due to their better value retention.

Conversely, if your car features a more eye-catching colour, you might encounter difficulties selling it.

5. Use Feng Shui Kua Number To Determine Which Car Colour Is Best

Yes, you heard it right, Feng Shui, the same ancient Chinese art used to improve the energy of homes and offices. You can use this method to choose the best car colours according to an individual’s Feng Shui.

Based on personal Feng Shui, each person has a personal lucky number based on gender and date of birth. This number is known as a “Kua Number” and can be associated with a colour. Therefore, choosing the correct colour can help the driver to experience better luck because it harmonizes with that individual. So how do we get your own “Kua” number?

You can use our free tool – Kua Number Calculator, to get your Kua Number.

Kua NumberSuitable Wealth/Success ColorSuitable Family Color
1green colorpurple colorredpurple color
3redpinkgreen color
4blueblackpurple colorgreen colorbrown
9green colorbrownblueblackpurple color

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Conclusion: Which Car Colour Is Best For You?

Ultimately, choosing a car colour that makes you happy and aligns with your intentions and goals is essential, besides only using the Feng Shui Kua Number. For example, consider factors such as your energy, the purpose of the car, and how the colour makes you feel. Remember, the most crucial aspect is to enjoy your vehicle and feel a positive connection with it.



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