9 Tips For Office Feng Shui That You Must Know

Home Feng Shui is essential but we also cannot forget about the office Feng Shui too. Why? Office is considered our second home since we usually spend around 8 hours or more daily there, so keeping out for the Feng Shui Do’s and Don’ts is essential too. We will share some tips for office Feng Shui here and hope you will benefit from them and be more happy.

9 Office Feng Shui Tips for Your Workplace

1. Similar to home Feng Shui, clutter is a big NO NO in your office space. Clutter and messy space brings bad Feng Shui to the office and causes confusion and chaos. It also creates unwanted stress. Keep your work space neat and organized as it will helps to maintain a stress free work environment.

Clear out clutter not only on your desk, it also apply to digital device, which means to keep your computer desktop clean and organized.

2. Never sit with a windows behind you, as this suggested a lack of support. If the windows is closed, then it is ok. It will be ideal to have a wall backing behind you as it gives you a solid backing.

3. Do not position yourself with your back exposed to the door as this indicate that you could get “stabbed” in the back.

4. Keep your office lobby and working desk area well lit at all times because light bring the yang energy that causes good fortune to grow and accumulate.

5. Do not sit near the sharp corners of shelves and cabinets. It is more preferred to have round edged designs as it tend to support creativity.

6. In general, placing plants and water can help in creating a less stressful environments, as long as they don’t create more clutter, but remove any dead plants.

7. Do not position the office entrance door at the end of a long corridor as it sends killing chi (Sha Chi) towards the door.

8. Conceal any cables and electrical wiring as this helps to reduce mess and also helps to release channels of positive energy.

9. Eliminate sharp corners or ‘sha chi’ – If you try to observe your work area around you,  do you notice any sharp corners that jut out at right angles pointing at you? If yes,  do place a plant there or cover it with a piece of fabric.

Taking care of Feng Shui for the office can ensure that you are  productive and successful during the day. Try out these tips and it might just make wonders and make you feel and do good in your career.

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Office & CareerOffice Feng Shui Tips That You Must Know