Feng Shui Tips for Wall Corner Facing The Bed

Effect and Remedy of Wall Corner Facing The Bed

Wall corner facing the bed happens when the bedroom structure is not squarish, or it is due to the structure of the master bedroom toilet room, or even like the room wall structure with squarish pillars.

What a “Wall Corner Facing The Bed” Means in Feng Shui

1.Wall Corner Facing The Bed

When this happened, it cause the one staying in the room to have visual pressure, causing one to have mental or physical stress. As laying on such a arranged bed, the person may feel like a “knife” cutting onto the person’s body.

In short time, the person may not feel the effect but with the long period of having the direct energy from the wall corner cutting on the person’s body, one will feel the pain and sickness.

The person who sleeps nearest to the wall corner will have the most impact. He or she will be more prone to accidents and surgical operations and pain.

The affected area of the body will be the part of the body directly “cut” by the wall corner.


How to Remedy the Situation with Wall Corner Facing The Bed

A. Place a divider in front of the wall corner

Recommend to place a divider in front of the wall corner. Note the following :

  • Not to be transparent or translucent
  • Best to cover the entire wall corner

B. Install a wardrobe side by side of the wall corner

Recommend to build a wardrobe beside the wall corner to have it feel the wall corner has been embedded together like a wall. Note while installing the wardrobe to have it built without the side of the wardrobe to become like another “wall corner”.

C. Place a five emperors coins on the impacted location of the bed

Place a five emperor coins onto the location of the bed, which is impacted by the wall corner, to resolve the negative energy.


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