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Candle Feng Shui Tips – Colours, Meaning and Placements

Feng shui is the Chinese practice of arranging objects to create a harmonious energy flow. For example, using candles in your home or office for good feng shui can help bring about the energy you desire.

Candles have many meanings and use in Feng Shui. They often provide an atmosphere and make the space feel more welcoming. Many use the candle as a meditation tool or to set an intention for what they want to achieve.

How To Use Candle For Good Feng Shui?

One commonly asked question we get from people is how to use candles for good Feng Shui. There are different methods to use candles for Feng Shui, but the basic rule is that you want to ensure the points of your home are balanced. Each area of your home is often associated with five specific elements: fire, water, wood, earth and metal. If one or more of these five elements are not balanced, it could lead to problems in your home.

Therefore, the main thing to remember is the rule of the five elements. Of course, you want to ensure an equal amount or balance at all times in your home, and if you have a problem with one or more of them, you can use feng shui remedies to help balance.

On the other hand, people use candles differently in Feng Shui, such as:

– The illumination makes an area brighter or darker depending on your needs

– Aids to remove bad energy from the room

– To improve and change the atmosphere of the space for better concentration

– Create a soothing atmosphere for meditation and relaxation

Candle Colors and Their Feng Shui Meanings

The color of a candle may influence your luck. According to some, the colour of the candles has different meanings and symbolism. However, the core element is still fire because of the flame.

Yellow: People believe this colour helps bring wealth and prosperity. Besides that, it also helps to bring positive energy.

Red: Red is associated with power and strength. You can use a red candle to ward off evil spirits.

White: White candles are used for cleansing, associating themselves well with religious rituals.

Black: Black candles are thought to be the most powerful colours and can be used to banish negativity and bring healing.

Green: Green candles are the best choice for attracting good luck and financial wealth.

Pink: Pink is typically used to bring love and balance.

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Can Scented Candles Improve Feng Shui?

Similar to essential oil, you may be surprised to learn that scented candles positively affect Feng Shui. Using candles made from natural ingredients can help clear the air and bring good vibes into your space.

To create harmony in your home and attract positive energies, you need to make sure the scent of the candle you choose is appropriate for the area of your home. For example, lavender is often used in bedrooms to promote relaxation and calmness. Some of the most well-received scents are vanilla, citrus and coconut.

In conclusion, humans are one of the most emotional creatures on the planet, and our environment dramatically influences this. People in the East have known for centuries that the placement of candles in their homes can profoundly impact their mood and well-being. So if you’re looking to boost your feng shui, it’s worth investing in a few new candles.


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