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5 Types of Bad Luck Plants To Be Banned at Home

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art or environmental science that aims to tap and harness positive energy in people and their spaces. Even though some people deem them Chinese superstitions and myths, many still use this system in their daily life.

In some Feng Shui practices, people believe that plants also play a vital role in creating a balanced and harmonious space. For example, good luck plants bring positivity into your life. In contrast, there are also bad luck plants that might cause havoc and challenges.

This post will share some unlucky plants that you should avoid placing in your home. However, it still depends on each person’s preferences, and there are no hard and fast rules.

1. Plants with Spiky Thorns or Pointy Leaves

In most cases, plants bring positive energy into your home, but those spiky and thorny ones, such as cacti, are exceptions. Cactus has sharp and spiky thorns that resemble “poison arrows” shooting into the surroundings or directed towards a person. Therefore we should never place cactuses in the living hall or bedroom. We do not want negative energy to disturb our rest or sleep.

Apart from Feng Shui, such plants also pose safety issues because they can cause injuries with their sharp tips, especially in a home with small children.

2. Creepers and Climbing Plants

If you have vines or any climbing plants indoors at home, you must always trim them regularly so that they don’t cover the windows or walls that might obstruct sunlight or affect the energy flow in the house.

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3. Dying and Withering Plants

The primary purpose of introducing plants into our home is to fill the space with greenery, positive energy and fresh air. Therefore, we must keep all plants adequately maintained to keep them alive with green leaves and blooming flowers.

It is why you must get rid of dead or rotten plants. Dead plants create stagnant energy that is harmful to the occupants and space.

So, if you want to bring plants into your house, be committed to keeping it clean and lively. If not, it might be better not to have any plants at home.

4. Fake and Artificial Plants

Having a few artificial plants to decorate your home is fine but do not overdo it by overcrowding. A fake plant symbolises attracting people with motives or evil intentions into your life.

Moreover, I do not think it is hassle-free or maintenance-free to have an artificial plant. It would be best to clean them because they collect dust easily constantly. Too much dust or dirt is no doubt lousy Feng shui.

5. Poisonous Plants

We must avoid having plants that give out toxic, poisonous gas in our homes at all costs. These plants include cleaner, mandala, monstera, dieffenbachia, jade lilac and mimosa.

In conclusion, you should avoid getting these bad luck plants into your living space. In addition, if you want to give plants as a gift to your loved one, avoid these unlucky ones. Instead, go on those lucky plants with auspicious symbolism and meaning.



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