Koi Fish Painting

Koi Fish Painting Feng Shui Symbolism and Placement To Unlock Good Fortune

There are many lucky symbols or animals in some Feng Shui beliefs and fishes are one good example. If you like to decorate your house with painting with auspicious meaning, a koi fish painting is a perfect choice to usher in good luck.

What Does Koi Fish Painting Mean and Signify?

This symbol represents prosperity, good fortune, riches, and a life filled with new opportunities. Besides this, it also stands for determination and tenacity to overcome challenges to grow stronger. This painting is suitable for both living and working spaces.

Display Number of Koi Fish Based On Your Intention

There is a specific auspicious meaning behind the particular number of fish illustrated in the painting. Therefore, you should get the one based on your intentions and aspirations.

2Symbolise harmony, balanced and fidelity. A pair is usually used as a love symbol for a blissful marriage.
3A Representation of vitality and good health
55 Auspicious Blessings longevity, wealth, prosperity, good health and fertility
6Success and Accomplishment in business and career
7Togetherness for harmony love
8Abundance of Wealth and Prosperity
9Choose a painting that illustrates eight red and one black fish because many people regard it as an auspicious symbol in Feng Shui. Eight is the most favourable number that signifies wealth and prosperity. The black koi fish is to absorb any negative energy that has flowed into your house.
Koi Fish Painting symbolize


Where should I place the Koi Fish Painting To Attract Good Luck?

– It is best suited to be located in the living hall, usually in front of the sofa where you are facing it. Alternatively, the dining area is an ideal space too.

– Hang the painting at the location diagonally from the main entrance, which is one of the wealth corners of the house.

– Display it in the southeast sector of your house, which represents wealth according to the Ba Gua aspiration map.

– Place the painting in front of you in your working space. You can even set your computer desktop image to Koi fish painting for positivity.

– You can also find these paintings in many Chinese restaurants as wall paintings or decor because the owners believed it could bring in overflowing customers and abundant wealth.



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