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Is Keeping Things Under The Bed Good or Bad Feng Shui? Find Out Now

You might have heard many people saying that it is bad Feng Shui to store things under your bed, but is it so? Many of us cannot bear to give up this area for storage because it can help to reduce clutter in the house. It is especially true for those living in a studio apartment with limited space.

First, let’s understand the reason behind this rationale.

Why is Storage Under Bed Bad Feng Shui?

In Feng Shui, it is all about creating an unblocked Chi energy to flow freely around your bed. If you have all kinds of stuff under your bed, it can obstruct the Chi energy flow. As a result, your sleep quality will be affected, leading to health issues. Just imagine if you are sleeping with shoes or junk under the bed. How do you feel?

Many people believe that using the area under the bed as storage is considered clutter. Clutter generates stagnant and negative energy that is bad for the occupants. It might lead to bad luck, Wealth loss, relationship issue and others.

Feng Shui Tips For Under Bed Storage To Reduce Negative Energy

Since we always faced space constraints issues, this space under the bed is exceptionally precious. Therefore, if you want to use this space for storage purposes, it is good to know some rules to minimise the impact.

1. Storage Bed Design is a Better Choice

If you intend to leverage this space to store your stuff, it is good to use a storage bed. This bed type can hide the clutter and make your bedroom neater and more organised.

Opened type usually makes the room look messier and easy to accumulate dust. It also requires more effort and time to clean regularly, so go for the storage bed if you are the lazy one.

However, it is essential to know the items we should store in this enclosed storage.

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2. Avoid Items That Bring Unfavorable Energy

There are two types of items that you should avoid storing under the bed. First is sharp and pointed objects like toy knives, guns, etc. They create masculine energy that makes it hard to fall asleep or even have nightmares.

Next are items that bring back bad memories, like an ex-girlfriend’s love letter, death certificates, etc. Keeping these items makes you trapped in the past and makes it hard to move forward in life, affecting your emotional health.

What Should I Keep In The Under Bed Storage Space? 

If you need to store things, consider items like extra blankets, pillows, bolsters, towels or linens meant for the bed.

In conclusion, you can still choose to use this under bed storage, but remember to keep it neat. If you face difficulties falling asleep, remove all items in the storage and observe what happens.



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