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8 Simple and Easy Tips to Feng Shui Your Studio Apartment

Many people have chosen to stay in smaller houses in many big cities with limited land and high property prices. However, those living in a small space, like a studio apartment, will find challenges creating a good Feng Shui house. It holds the kitchen, living room, and bedroom in a single open space without separating.

Based on the Feng Shui principle, separating a bedroom from the other part of the house is best, especially the kitchen and living room. The simple reason behind it is logical: you will have difficulties resting when there are activities in the space that are not conducive to sleep. If you want to attract good energy into your studio apartment, here are some easy ways to achieve that.

1. Declutter, Declutter, and Declutter

Since the space in a studio apartment is limited, it will help if you clear away unwanted and old clutter to free out space for the more important stuff. Moreover, if you have too much clutter, it can create a blockage of airflow and stagnant energy that is undesirable.

2. Prioritise Main Door and Entryway

In Feng Shui, the front door is the mouth of chi that energy enters into space. Therefore, keeping this area clean and clutter-less with good lighting in a small apartment is crucial.

Do not place shoes, clothing, or any unnecessary objects in this area. You should also ensure that the door is entirely open without any blockage.

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3. Importance of Bedroom

The bedroom is the space where we rest and recover our energy, so it is essential to separate it from other areas of activities. It is best to avoid seeing the kitchen, main door, or bathroom when sleeping. If possible, you can use a room divider/partition to create a private and conducive space so that you can sleep and rest better.

Besides that, the general rules still apply, like having a solid headboard, placing the bed against a wall, be in the command position.

4. Choose Round Shapes

Round shaped furniture (dining, bedside table) takes up less space and does not have a sharp edge that creates a poison arrow compared to the square or rectangular ones.

5. Choose the Right Decoration for your Bedroom

Select something good to greet you when you first wake up in the morning. Avoid painting that depicts negative meanings (for example, sunset, ferocious animal, sword, etc.), mirror. Instead, use motivational quotes, and they will start your day with positivity.

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6. Lighting Does Matter

Ensure sufficient lighting to keep the house bright and fresh with natural lighting. If the situation does not permit, you can choose to use a table lamp or even a Himalaya salt lamp as a substitute.

7. Use Smoothing and Light Paint Color

Maintaining light colour consistently on walls makes your space look infinitely bigger and brighter. White is an excellent choice to create such an atmosphere.

8. Mirror – The Perfect Tool for Visual Expansion

Using a mirror to expand the space is also good, but always use it sparingly and place it in the right places. For example, the mirror should not face the main door, bed, or stove.

Although there are many challenges in creating a good Feng Shui studio apartment, you still do something to make it a better place to stay.



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