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7 Useful Entryway Feng Shui Hacks To Usher in Good Energy

Everyone wants a good Feng Shui house, but we might need to pay more attention to the little things when we walk through the entryway. In Feng Shui, the entryway is the first location where the chi energy enters the house. Therefore, it is essential to construct an inviting entrance for opportunity, wealth, and relationships.

Here are seven valuable insights to improve your entryway Feng Shui and maximize the benefits of good energy.

1. Front Door Play a Major Part

The front door is one of the most critical areas for good home Feng Shui. It co-exists with the entryway in the same area, so it dramatically impacts the home’s energy flow.

Here are some basic front door Feng Shui tips:

  • The door should be made of solid and sturdy wood, and avoid windows. It will help to heighten the sense of security.
  • Check your door regularly and ensure the lock is working fine.
    Check for chips and cracks and fix them.
  • Ensure that your main door is the largest in the house compared to the room door. The size of the main entrance should be proportional to the house.

2. Remove Clutter From the Entryway

Keeping clutter away from the main entrance is advisable since it is the first point of entry and the most effective way to keep it minimal and clean.

Refrain from placing messy shoes, bags, umbrellas and trash bins in this area. You can always put them in a closed cabinet and move the trash bin to another location.

3. Avoid Mirror Facing Directly Towards Main Door

Have you noticed that many people love installing mirrors at the main entry to make the space look spacious and more convenient? Besides that, it also helps to make the entryway look brighter because it reflects natural lighting from the outside.

However, some practitioners advise against it because they believe that a mirror facing the main door pushes away Chi instead of welcoming energy into the house.

Alternatively, you can strategically install the mirror on a side wall near the door to have the same effect. Just ensure it does not reflect sharp objects or another room door.

entryway feng shui mirror


4. Ensure Good Lighting

Appropriate lighting plays an integral part in attracting good vibes into your house. Have you ever been to a home where darkness occupied this space? It will affect your mood negatively and make you feel uncomfortable.

Some Feng Shui consultants advise you to install an overhead light at the main entry or foyer of the house because installing overhead lighting at the entrance is ideal for brightening this space. Always choose lighter colours to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

5. Choice of Display and Decor at Entryway Matter

The entryway is considered the most public place of all rooms, where outsiders can quickly peek and see what is happening inside. It is advisable to display artworks with positive meanings to set the correct tone of the house. On the other hand, you should avoid showing personal items like family photos, etc., to protect your privacy.

6. Bring in Green Lushes

Incorporating plants into a particular space is an effective way to fill it with positive vibes. In addition, if you face any negative energies caused by external factors, like a lamppost, wall corners, pointy structures, etc., you can also use a large plant as barrier protection.

You must also practice due diligence to nourish and maintain them. Choosing the right kinds of plants for your main door also matters.

entryway feng shui mat

7. Create a Welcoming Feel with a Mat or Rug

A mat at the doorstep adds an inviting feel instantly to the environment. It is good to have one, but avoid choosing those that have your family name on it because you also don’t want to be stepped, right?

Another practice is choosing the mat colour based on the door-facing direction.

In conclusion, if you follow and apply these helpful entryway Feng Shui tips, you are encouraging positive energy into the house.



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