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5 Fireplace Feng Shui Tips For Good Energy (Where To Place?)

A fireplace can be an excellent addition to a modern home. It creates a warm and comforting atmosphere that makes people feel relaxed. But do you know that a fireplace influences and impacts your home Feng Shui?

It primarily represents the fire element in the five elements because the associated colour is red and purple, which resembles the flames. So we must pay attention to its use and placements. If placed correctly, we can harness the benefits. However, on the flip side, placing the fireplace in the wrong area can bring bad luck to the family.

1. Where To Place a Fireplace for Good Feng Shui?

Every furniture or fixture has its optimal position in the house to create good Feng Shui. The fireplace is no exception too.

a. Place it in the Living or Dining Room For Family Harmony

The fireplace is best suited to be placed in the living hall because these are the sectors representing family harmony and togetherness. However, if you have space limitations to place the fireplace in the living hall, consider putting it in the dining room instead.

b. Avoid Facing The Main Door

Many Feng Shui practitioners advise against placing the fireplace directly toward the home’s main entrance. This layout will create energy congestion and cause many problems for the household members.

In addition, this unfavourable configuration will also exhaust your money luck with missing opportunities. To resolve this issue, you can consider placing some decorative objects to block the view of the fireplace from the main door.

2. Is a Fireplace In The bedroom Good or Bad Feng Shui?

The bedroom is a space for rest and rejuvenation, so we need to pay special attention to what we place in the room. For example, placing a fireplace creates Yang energy unsuitable in the bedroom requiring the Yin energy. It can drain your energy and also affect your sleep quality.

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3. What To Hang or Avoid Above The Fireplace for Good Feng Shui?

Many people typically like to hang some decorative objects above the fireplace, but not everything is the right fit. So we should get ourselves familiarised with the dos and don’ts.

a. Family Photos

Many people love to hang their family portrait over the fireplace, but it is inadvisable. Imagine a fire burning beneath; it symbolizes anger and fury. It can cause many quarrels and disagreements due to bad tempers and a sudden flare of anger.

b. Religious Items

We should respect these holy items so remove the fire burning beneath them.

4. Is it okay to Place Mirror Over the Fireplace?

Many people love to use mirrors in their homes because they can create a visually spacious feeling and add a tinge of elegance to the space. But is it good Feng Shui to hang a decorative mirror over the fireplace?

Yes, this configuration has a Feng Shui advantage. It creates a balance between the fire(fireplace) and water element (mirrors). Choose A framed mirror to your liking that fits the home decor, and remember that size proportion is essential. Do not select something too small or too big for the area.

Be mindful of the reflection if you have a mirror over the fireplace. It should not reflect the bathroom, main door, stove or mirror.

5. How about having a TV over the Fireplace?

If you put Feng Shui aside, installing a TV above the fireplace is not a good idea. The area above the fireplace is already warmer, so if you add in a TV, it creates excessive heat. It can also cause the TV to break down quickly. So you might consider placing it beside the fireplace instead.



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