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3 Essential Criteria For a Good Feng Shui Command Position

In Feng Shui, there is a popular concept called the command position. It is somehow related to how you place your furniture at home to your advantage for good luck.

If you have placed them in the correct position, it can bring a significant positive impact on your well being, health and other aspects of life.

This concept is crucial to the bed’s position in the bedroom, the sofa in the living room, and the desk in your working/study space. It is also applicable to your seating position in the office.

Apart from positioning ourselves in this power position, many people also display Feng Shui good luck symbols in this position. They can be the wealth bowl or God of wealth.

There are a few criteria to identify and establish the command position in the Feng Shui application.

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1. Having a “Mountain” as a Backing Support

Having backing support is one of the essential rules of furniture placement to achieve solidarity and security. If you sit with your back exposed without solid wall support, you will feel vulnerable and cannot rest well.

If you cannot achieve this configuration in a particular situation, use alternative solutions, like a screen partition or cabinet to substitute the “wall” instead.

2. Able to See Incoming Traffic but Not in Line With The Door

You should easily see who is entering the room not to be taken aback by sudden movement. In addition, if you are in the command position, you feel in control which helps to improve focus.

Imagine that you are sitting back facing the door, you will be easily distracted even by the slightest movement behind and lose your concentration.

For example, in a bedroom, the Command Position is typically diagonally opposite the entrance door and facing the door. This position enables the person sleeping to see who enters the room while feeling secure and not in the direct line of energy or flow of people entering and leaving the room.

3. No Abovehead Beams

It will be best to avoid any beams above the command position. Sitting or sleeping under a beam can bring stress or tension to the person. In the long run, it might even affect your well-being.

In conclusion, as much as we want to establish a command position to achieve good Feng Shui, sometimes it might not be achievable due to specific limitations.

Don’t get too worried. Just remember to meet as many criteria as possible if they are feasible in your layout.



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