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14 Staircase Feng Shui Guidelines To Follow When Choosing A New House

During house hunting, many people will pay extra attention to the 3 most important areas in the house for good Feng Shui. They are namely the main door, bedroom and the kitchen. However, don’t ignore the staircase because it also plays a significant role. It can create positive energy in the house if used properly since it is the medium to move energy flow to the different levels of your house.

In contrast, it can also disrupt the balance of the energy and affect your life if used inappropriately. Let’s look into some do’s and don’ts.

Staircase Feng Shui Do’s and Don’ts

1. Right Choice of Material

Solid and sturdy material like wood, metal or concrete should be used for making stairs.

2. Proper Lighting

The staircase should be brightly lit. This is also for safety purpose to avoid any accidental falls or trip that cause any injuries.

3. Staircase Facing Main Door is a Big No

It is good to avoid having staircase facing directly towards the main door. This is because it will divert all the energy flow towards the other levels of the house. It will deprive the main floor of the house of its chi.

As a remedy, consider placing some lucky plants on the sides that will help to minimize the chi that is flowing away from the main level. Alternatively, you can consider placing a divider screen or partition to block the view of stairs directly facing the main door.

4. Do Not Screw Up The “Heart”

Avoid having any staircase at the center of a home. This is considered as a bad Feng Shui layout . This is because it symbolises a heavy burden at the heart. It is best to be at the side of the house.

Does Spiral staircase look like a corkscrew drilling down?


5. Keep Away From Spiral Staircase

Avoid having choosing a house with a spiral staircase. This is because wherever the position, you can visualise it like a corkscrew drilling down, symbolized stress and pressure.

It will negatively affect the person/health that the sector belongs. For example, if it is positioned in the Northwest, it will affect the Father of the family. It applies to other sectors that correspond to the different household members.

6. Room Door In Line With Start/End of Staircase

It is good to avoid positioning the room door to directly facing the top or bottom of the staircase. This layout creates gushing flow into the room and might create an imbalanced energy.

7. Pay Attention to Mirror Placement

Staircases should not be caught on the reflection of a mirror based on Feng Shui principles. This is because it is believed to bring bad luck to the household members.

8. Keep The Area Under Staircase Clear

Do not position your kitchen, bedroom, dining room, or bathroom under the staircase. If you do not want to waste this space, use it as a storage area instead.

9. Don’t Use Red

Red might be regarded as an auspicious color for the Chinese, but this is not the case for your staircase. Avoid having your stairs carpeted with red because it resembles blood flowing down. Thus, it is believed to bring bad luck and misfortune.

10. What Are Beneath?

Avoid placing any water features or god altar below your staircase. This situation can build negative energy and have impact on the health, wealth and relationships of the household.

11. Shape Does Matter

It is better to choose a staircase that comes in a gentle curved shape type. This design can help to allow the energy to flow up to the higher level of the house, instead of gushing in. In this way, it will not disrupt or disturb the surrounding energy.

12. Ample Space For Movement

Ensure that the staircase is wide enough and have enough space for at least 2 people to pass each other easily. Have you ever encountered those stairs that are so cramped that you are squeezed into the corner when moving? That gives peope a sense of insecurity and discomfort.

13. Safety Comes First With A Railing

In some modern home design, the railing is purposely removed for aesthetical look. But don’t you agree staircases with railings give you a sense of security and safety when climbing up and down stairs?

14. Odd or Even?

Many Chinese believed that odd numbers of stairs are for human, while even is for the spirit. Apart from this belief or superstition, it is a matter of rhythm that can affect your balance. Walking on an even number of stairs has more probability of accidental fall.

If you follow these Feng Shui staircase guidelines, it allows Chi energy to flow around the house. It can bring balanced and harmonious energy to your home and family.




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