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Is Work Desk in Bedroom Bring Good or Bad Feng Shui To Your House?

Most of us have been working from home for the past year. How is your work productivity? Do you know that there is a difference if you have placed your work desk in the correct place?

One of the most unfavorable layout configurations is positioning your work desk in your bedroom. Many people work in their pajamas sitting on the bed, but this is not empowering and will affect productivity. Besides that, it also affects the house Feng Shui.

Why Placing a Working Desk in Bedroom is Bad Feng Shui?

There will be an energy conflict because the bedroom belongs to the feminine energy known as Yin. It should be a restful space for you to recharge and rejuvenate. However, if it comprises anything that belongs to the Yang energy, it can affect the Yin energy.

You can find Masculine Yang energy in electronic devices like laptops, display monitors, mirrors, exercise equipment, and anything that reminds you to be active. All these can create stress, even when you are sleeping. This concept applies to working adults and studying students.

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What if I Really Have to Place the Desk in The Bedroom?

Many people face this common situation because of the size constraints, especially in studio apartments. Here are some alternative methods to minimize the unfavorable effect.

1. Distance and Location matters

It is good to position the desk far away from your bed so that you can create a delineated space for your work. Always try to place your desk in the command position and face your favorable chi direction if possible.

2. Time to Knock Off

Keep to your working hours and make it a point to shut off your computer when not in use. Also, make sure that you clear the desk and wires after a day of work to have a good night’s sleep without being reminded of work.

3. Separate Work and Home

If you can have a screen or room divider, it can create a clear-cut territory that separates the work and sleep. It allows you to focus on your work instead of being tempted to rest in your bed.

In conclusion, if you can avoid having a desk in your bedroom, do it. If not, apply the alternative tips.




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