How to Wear Crystal Bracelets

How to Wear Crystal Bracelets? Frequently Asked Questions

In recent years, it has been an upward trend to see so many people today wearing crystal bracelets either for an intention or just for accessories. We have compiled some frequently asked questions on how to wear crystal bracelets in the right way.

Do we wear our crystal bracelets on the left or right hand?

The left hand represents receiving and it is good to wear crystals that have the absorbing nature. In contrast, the right hand represents sending and it is good to wear crystals that have the repelling nature. Here are some examples:

Receiving - Left HandSending - Right Hand
JadeBlack Obsidian
Tiger EyeBlack Tourmaline
QuartzSmoky Quartz
Green PhantomShugite
Rose QuartzHematite
Lapis LazuliSugilite

Should I wash and cleanse my bracelets and how?

There are many crystal cleansing methods and water is the most common way. It can help to wash off any dirt and also works well in re-energizing the crystals. Bear in mind not to use any chemicals on them.

How many crystal bracelets can you wear at one time?

There is no hard and fast rule to limit the number of bracelets you can wear at the same time. Nonetheless, it does not suggest the more you wear the better it is. It is always good to start by wearing one at a time and observe the energy effect on you.

crystal bracelets


Can you wear multiple crystals?

It depends on the individual because some people are sensitive to energies, so wearing multiple crystals might magnify the effect and the wearer might be overwhelmed.

What does it mean when the crystal bracelet gets broken?

It could mean that there is an incompatibility between the crystal energy and yours. In Chinese culture, there is a belief that it helps you to avert misfortune.

Do you allow other people to touch your crystals?

In general, it is best not to let other people touch your crystal because they are sensitive to energy. If someone touches or holds your crystal, they might leave their own energy behind, regardless if it is a negative or positive one.

If this situation happens, don’t worry, you just need to cleanse your crystal brackets again.




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