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6 Effective and Simple Methods to Cleanse Crystals Bracelets

For crystal lovers, you might already know that you must cleanse crystals to keep the positive and empowering energies, but how do you achieve that goal?

Many have used crystals and stones for divination, healing, and an overall sense of peace for centuries. Crystal comes in many forms, for example, natural raw type, refined into jewellery accessories like crystal bracelets, necklaces, or rings. Today, people use these crystals to promote mental wellness, reduce anxiety and depression, and find spiritual peace.

Regardless of the form, crystals have energy, just like you and me. Therefore, it is vital to regularly cleanse the crystals to neutralise any negative energy. When you drain their energy, they need to recharge and replenish themselves to maintain their power. Therefore, when you cleanse the crystals, it washes away negativity that might be holding them back.

There are many cleansing methods, so try out some to find the right one that suits your crystal and bracelets.

1. Use Larger Crystals or Clusters

Do you know that the size of your crystal affects how well it works to cleanse your space or yourself? It is because larger crystals can produce a stronger electromagnetic field, pulling in and absorbing more negative energy than smaller crystals.

Therefore, you can use larger quartz crystals like purple amethyst geodes to clear the negative energies. Place your crystal bracelets inside or on the larger stones for one day to be effective. Hence, the vibration of the larger stones can aid in clearing any negative energies that remain in the bracelets.

2. Water

Using water to cleanse crystals is a widespread technique with metaphysical practitioners. They believed that water could help remove negative energy from crystals and restore their natural power.

In addition, the water can help to neutralize the negative energy accumulated in the crystal bracelets. However, you should use natural water, like rainfall and mineral water, instead of running tap water. It is because the water treatment chemical might hurt the crystals.

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3. Sound

Sound vibration is an excellent tool to cleanse crystals with a specific purpose and intention. There is a wide range of tools to achieve the cleansing effect, for example, a singing bowl, bell, chime, and many more.

First, place the crystal bracelet inside the singing bowl and strike the mallet to produce a ringing sound. Then, rub the bowl’s rim clockwise to make a continuous sound. As a result, this sound will create positive vibes and disperse the negative energy.

4. Smudging

Smudging is a Native American tradition of purifying an area with smoke from burning sage or cedar. The process is to pass smoke over objects, people, or air. You can also smudge yourself by waving the smoke around you in a circle and then drawing it down to your feet.

Alternatively, you can use the burning sage, also known as smudging, to clear stagnant or unwanted energy from the crystal bracelets.

Here is a simple ritual to follow:

Step 1: Open all doors and windows

Step 2: Light a dried sage stick for 20 seconds,

Step 3: Gently blow out the flame.

Step 4: Circle the stick to smoke the bracelet

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5. Sunlight / Moon Bath

New-age crystal enthusiasts use moonlight to cleanse their crystals. You can cleanse them by placing the stones outside in a bowl of water or in a mirror. The reflection of the moon’s light is said to draw out negative energy and purify the crystals.

Allow your crystal bracelets to embrace the moon’s light to establish a connection with this unique energy. People believe the full moon is the best time to do the cleansing because it is more effective.

Sunlight is a natural way to cleanse the crystal, but it is only suitable for some. Intense and continuous exposure to direct sunlight can make particular crystal fade, so do not expose them to the sun.

6. Salt Water To Cleanse Crystals

Similar to the concept of Feng Shui salt water cure, salt help to neutralize negative energy from the environment.

Saltwater can remove negative energy if a crystal requires cleansing. First, fill a shallow dish with salt water, then place the crystal in the container until it is fully submerged. Let it sit for 24 hours. Once the time has elapsed, remove the crystal from the salt water and wipe it off with a clean cloth or towel.

However, some crystals might degrade using salt water, so before you use this method, you should study its composition first. They include Pyrite, Lapis Lazuli, Opal, Hematite, etc.

When Do I Need to Cleanse Crystals?

It is advisable to cleanse the crystal bracelets when you have just got them. This ritual will help to remove any residue energy from the previous owners or anyone handling it before you.

Cleansing is essential because it keeps your crystals free of any negative energies accumulated over time and will restore their natural flow. Of course, cleansing them as often as you feel necessary would be best, but at least once a month would be an excellent frequency to start.



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Crystals6 Effective and Simple Methods to Cleanse Your Crystals Bracelets