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8 Easy Living Room Feng Shui Tips To Attain Good Energy

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese science that focuses on the arrangement of your home to promote balance and harmony. For example, when coming to the living room, there are certain principles that you should follow to create a space where good energy can flow freely. In addition, you should also consider the placement of furniture, wall art, and lighting to achieve the best possible results.

Therefore, by understanding the basics of Feng Shui, you can create a living room that will bring positive energy into your home and help you achieve peace and tranquillity. So, in this article, we’ll explore seven living room Feng Shui tips to create a welcoming and peaceful environment.

1. Do Not Have a Fanciful and Over-Decorated Living Room

Some people like to decorate their living room by referencing the design of a 5-star hotel, high-class restaurant or even a top nightclub to show off their wealth. However, while it might look magnificent in the first place, it could be more practical and valuable in the Feng Shui view.

This type of living room might give you a feel of a fresh beginning in the start, but soon, you will find that something is missing. People living in this house tend to have the misconception that they are living in a hotel instead of a home.

As a result, it creates problems in family members’ relationships, especially in married couples, that might lead to divorce. Therefore, as a basic rule of thumb, the living room should be decorated in a comfortable, warm and practical way.

2. Keep Your Living Room Clutter-Free and Clean

Keeping your living room clutter-free and clean is essential to encourage good Feng Shui. Clutter can create a chaotic atmosphere that can block energy flow in your home. Therefore, you must proactively keep your living room free from clutter. For example, you should declutter regularly, create storage solutions, and have a designated space for everything.

As an outcome of these steps, you can create an environment conducive to good living room Feng Shui and promote positive energy in your home.

3. Well-Ventilated Space is Good Feng Shui

One way to achieve good living room Feng Shui is by opening up all the windows in your living room. It will allow fresh air and natural light to enter, which will help create more positive energy in the space.

In addition, it can also help draw out any stagnant or stale energy that may be lingering in the room. While you are at it, it will be good to clean the windows too.

4. No Air Con Above Sofa

Regarding living room Feng Shui, sofa placement is one of the most critical considerations. For example, if you position the sofa under an air conditioner, it can harm the energy flow in your home.

In addition, it can lead to various problems, such as physical ailments, financial loss and relationship issues. Therefore, don’t position your sofa under an air conditioner to maintain a positive energy flow in your living room.

5. Avoid Decorating With Object with Negative Meaning

Many believe particular objects can bring bad luck, and you should avoid them when decorating a living room. One such object is horns, animal heads, animal skins, and dried flowers, which bring a negative vibe into the space.

So, avoid placing these items in the living room to create good energy and positive vibes.

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6. Placing Feng Shui Ornaments Wrongly

Crystal points, amethyst geode caves, fish aquariums and many other Feng Shui ornaments are the most popular good luck symbol to attract wealth. However, it needs specific knowledge to know where to activate and position them correctly in the living room.

On the other hand, if you put the items in the wrong position, instead of attracting good luck, it might just bring you bad luck. In addition, avoid over-cluttering with too much Feng Shui good luck charm to create a balanced and harmonious space.

7. Display Paintings with Auspicious Meanings

Many Chinese people love to hang a painting in the living room because they believe it helps bring positive energy into the home, making it an ideal place for relaxation and rejuvenation. First, however, you must choose an illustration depicting auspicious meanings. Here are some examples of good Feng Shui paintings:

a. Peony – In China, Peony is the national flower and with wealth and auspicious meaning

b. Mountain and Water – Mountain indicates that you have massive support for your career and business, and water flowing represents inviting wealth

c. Fish – In the Chinese tradition, fish has an excellent meaning, symbolising prosperity and abundance. So Chinese koi fish painting is a favourable painting.

d. Bamboo – It signifies good career development and promotion. So you can hang some bamboo paintings in your living room.

8. Bring Nature into Living Room

You can have a good living room Feng Shui by welcoming plants. Certain plants can add “life force energy” to space, and this energy can help create a peaceful and balanced environment.

Not only do plants bring beauty and life into the home, but they also help to purify the air, reduce stress levels, and promote healing. By incorporating plants into your living room design, you can create a beautiful and serene atmosphere that will make relaxing and enjoying your time there easier.

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