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8 Practical Living Room Sofa Feng Shui Tips For Your Home

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese tradition that predicts and influences energy flow in a space. Therefore, you must understand what type of furniture and decorations to have in your living room, bedroom or office to promote good luck, harmony and peace.

The sofa is one of the essential pieces of furniture in your living room. Besides providing comfort, it also significantly impacts your home Feng Shui.

Today, we will share the do’s and don’ts for everything regarding the sofa to allow you to embrace a better Feng Shui home environment.

1. Sofa Must Have Solid Wall Backing

It would be best if you positioned the sofa against a solid wall, which symbolizes having nobleman (贵人) support in your life and career.

On the other hand, if there is no backing, it gives a sense of insecurity and not only affects your wealth but also tends to attract backstabbers. If there is no choice, you can consider placing a short cabinet or screen divider to act as a support.

Besides that, avoid placing a water tank behind your sofa because it has the meaning of the Chinese proverb -背水一战 (Always struggling to survive)

2. Avoid Sitting Under A Beam 

Sitting in this unfavourable position lead to wealth losses and health issues like headaches or migraine. You can cover the beam with a beautiful false ceiling to overcome this issue. If it is not feasible, you can move the sofa away to another position.

3. Shape Matters Too 

It would help if you got a “U” shaped sofa because it helps to accumulate qi (藏风纳气) which is good Feng Shui.

4. Avoid “Second Hand” Used Sofa 

It is the same principle as wallet Feng Shui, as we do not want to bring residual energies from the past owners to your home without knowing if it is a good or bad qi.

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5. Get Rid Of Old and Spoilt Sofa

Don’t be stingy. Change to a new set if the current one is spoilt as it will affect the qi of the house.

6. No Mirror Behind the Sofa 

People like to place mirrors randomly to make the living room look more spacious but never put one behind your sofa. A mirror might be an excellent enhancer, but you never know if the thing you are reflecting on is good or bad, so just do not put any mirror.

7. No Installed Lighting Right Above The Sofa 

Many people like to install lighting above the sofa to increase the room’s brightness, such as a spotlight on the ceiling. However, if you have this scenario of the lighting directly shining above the couch, it violates Feng Shui rules and may cause people to feel dizzy and restless.

8. Lucky Directions

Ensure that you are facing favourable directions based on Kua Number when seated on the sofa.

Hope that these Feng Shui tips can help you to attract good luck. All the best!



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