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How to Choose a Lucky Mobile Number in the Feng Shui Way

Most Chinese are fanatic and creative in choosing a lucky mobile number. They believe it can bring them good luck, wealth, and abundance.

Do you know that there are Mobile numbers that are called “golden number” which require bidding for it. These numbers with many 8 or auspicious meaning usually can fetch a high price and people are willing to for it. There are some auspicious combinations that most people love, for example, 88,888, 168, etc. In a nutshell, the more 8 it has, the more pricey it will get.

Besides using the numbers and the auspicious meaning, there is another method. The auspiciousness is determined by using the 81 numbers table. You can use it to choose a mobile phone number, car plate number, house unit number and anything that is important to you. Of course, the number must be able to be changed too, for example, you cannot change your national identity number.

81 Number Chart


Guide to Pick a Lucky Mobile Number 

Add up all the digits of your mobile phone number and check the total sum against the 81 lucky and unlucky numbers table.

Here is an example: If your mobile number that comprises the country code is 065-91881234, add the single digit up.

Sum up 0+6+5+9+1+8+8+1+2+3+4 gives you 47

Match 47 to the auspiciousness in the table, so in the above example, the result is deemed as auspicious.

In conclusion, do you really think that a lucky mobile number can change one’s fortune and fate? Use this method for entertainment purpose and see if it is actually bringing you good luck. You must love the number since you are using it every day.



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