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Do You Know The Feng Shui House Numbers That Can Bring Good Luck or Misfortune?

Have you heard about people using Numerology aka the symbolism of number to calculate the favorable Feng Shui house numbers? It can vary from using the Bagua Map, flying star method and even common interpretation. It totally depends on your preference in choosing the methods to follow.

All these systems can help to access if the number for your house or office is favorable or unfavorable. Before we explore into the list of good and bad numbers, let’s learn how to calculate your house number first.

How to Calculate your Feng Shui house number?

If your house or apartment start with a single digit, you can easily know if it is good or bad in a single glance, but what if it has a combination of numbers?

In such cases, you can add the numbers together to get a number that is between 1 and 9, then you can use this final calculated number to assess the house.

For example, if your flat or house number is #19-32:

Add: 1+9+3+2 = 15

If it is not a single digit, you need to reduce it further: 1+5 = 6

After you got this number, you can check the corresponding meaning to the specified number in the under-mentioned table.


List of Good and Bad Feng Shui House Numbers

NumberBagua MapFlying StarsCommon Interpretation
1Career - Independent and enlightenmentVictory and sucessRepresent new beginning, growth and unobstructed flow
2Partnership - nuturing and balanceBurden of illnessStands for balance and union (yin and yang) of opposites and reciprocal trust.
3Family - Growth and LifeDisharmony and DisputeRelated to growth and eternity
4Weath - Prosperity and abundanceRomance and academic successRegarded as the negative number as it sound like "Death", that is why some building don't have level 13
5Health - Protection and longeivityBring bad luck and misfortuneA neutral number but the Chinese avoid it because it sound like "Nothing" in chinese
6Helpful people - Mutual Trust and loyaltySupport from BenefactorStands for good luck and also a symbol of prosperity, wealth and abundance.
7Children - Happiness and RejuvenationInvite robbery and theftConsidered unlucky because co-related to memorial service for the dead (7 days / 7 x 7 = 49 days)
8Knowledge - Courage and Self AwarenessWealth and prosperity, accompany with opportunitiesIs the hot favorite because it symbolize good luck coming your way
9Fame - Innovative and CreativeHappy events and bring fameRepresent longevity and eternity

Don’t fret if you calculate your Feng Shui house numbers and got an unfavorable number. They are not the key factor that governs the house’s energy. That is the reason we have to study the exterior land forms (external environment), internal structure, floor plan layout, your birth chart and many other factors that play a much important role than the house number.




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