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Pyrite Meaning, Use and Placement For Good Feng Shui

In the world of crystals, there are specific stones that attract wealth and abundance to the owners. Besides the popular citrine crystal, pyrite is one of such stones that can draw this energy of wealth manifestation.

When people first uncovered pyrite from nature in mineral form, they often mistook it for gold. Why? It resembles one. That is also why it is also called fool’s gold.

Pyrite has a unique combination of energy that is suitable to be placed in any home or office for good luck. This protective stone shields you from negative energy and wards off evil spirits. In addition, it also encourages happiness with its highly active and optimistic energy.

What Is Pyrite?

Pyrite is a mineral mainly found in the form of small cubes, and you can find it in sedimentary rock deposits. People also called fools’ gold because it looks like gold but has no real value.

Pyrite derives from the Greek word “pyrites,” meaning firestone. Many believed it to be a stone of fire and was used in ancient times to make jewellery and ornaments.

Most of the pyrite commercially available in the market comes from the United States, South America, and the United Kingdom.

What are Healing Properties of Pyrite?

Pyrite is a naturally occurring mineral used in healing properties for centuries. It’s believed to have many healing properties, such as relieving pain, improving concentration, calming the mind and boosting energy.

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How To Use and Place Pyrite in Feng Shui?

Pyrite is a stone that symbolizes wealth, luck, and protection. Therefore, it’s often found in the homes of wealthy people as they believe it will bring prosperity to their lives. You can place the stone in a specific location based on your intent.

1. To Attract Wealth and Abundance

In terms of Feng Shui, pyrite is one of the well-liked Feng Shui gemstones that embodies the meaning of attracting wealth energy.

It usually comes as a cluster, sphere, or cube. On the other hand, some people combine or decorate pyrite with other popular Feng Shui wealth symbols, such as Chinese coins, wealth ships, money bowls or others, to manifest the positive effect.

2. Welcome Opportunities and Success

Pyrite is an excellent stone to use on your work desk. It has positive energy and helps in achieving success. You can place it on your working desk (on top of your business card) to invite opportunities and abundance.

3. Use it As Jewelry and Accessories

Alternatively, you also choose to wear any form of pyrite jewellery. It can range from beads and pendants to rings and bracelets to receive the stone’s energy. Carry this crystal with you in your wallet or purse all the time.

4. Flying Star Cure and Personal Lucky Direction

If you are practising annual flying stars Feng Shui, display it in the sector of the house afflicted by the number 2 illness Star or number 5 misfortune star. It aids in neutralizing unfavourable energy.

Alternatively, you can display it in your lucky direction for money luck based on your Kua number.

5. Activate The Front Entrance with Pyrite

Placing pyrite at your front door will help to build up your home’s energy. It can create a positive energy flow, which will help you achieve a higher sense of well-being.

In addition, place pyrite at your front adoor to protect yourself from negative energy and bad luck.



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CrystalsPyrite Meaning, Use and Placement For Good Feng Shui