Feng Shui Coins Significance and Uses

5 Ways To Use Chinese Feng Shui Coins For Good Fortune

Ancient Chinese Feng Shui coins have always been a traditional symbol of wealth luck. You can find them in a cluster or a string, and many practitioners believe that if you place them in a favourable location, it can enhance positive chi and prosperity in your home or office. Besides that, you can also use the coins to protect the household from negative energies.

These Feng Shui coins are designed round in shape with a square hole opening in the centre. The circle is the representation of Heaven, while the square represents the Earth. It symbolises attracting positive energy from Heaven and Earth if you position them in the right sectors of your home. There are two sides of the coin, namely the Yang side engraved 4 Chinese characters according to the reign of the past emperors (it only chooses the powerful dynasties) and the Yin with two symbols or sometimes empty.

Feng Shui Coins Configurations and Meanings

3 Coins

It carries heaven and earth’s trinity and symbolises attracting wealth, luck and prosperity into your life. You can find these 3 Feng Shui coins tied with a red string that represents a money magnet for wealth luck. Try to keep them in your wallet or purse everywhere you go for good luck.

5 Coins

These five Feng Shui coins are the most popular and commonly used configuration. It refers to the most powerful emperors in ancient China that is the most prosperous. They include Shun Zi, Kang Xi, Yong Zheng, Qian Long and Jia Qing. It also signifies the 5 Feng Shui elements (metal, wood, water, fire and earth) for a balanced and harmonious life.

People use these five coins for many purposes. For example, you can use it as an amulet to protect against danger or ward off evil spirits. Besides that, you can also use it to enhance your money luck.

6 Coins

The Chinese always regard six as a lucky Chinese number because it signifies heavenly luck and attracting support from noblemen in your workplace. In addition, you usually see the six Feng Shui coins tassels tied with a mystic knot that symbolizes the multiplication of wealth and prosperity. You can hang these coins behind your work desk to attract benefactors and protect against backstabbers.

8 Coins

It is a lucky number combination which represents prosperity and abundance. Therefore, the number “8” will be the most auspicious number of Period 8 (2004-2023) and this 20-year cycle.

9 Coins

Many people agreed that this design of the nine bronze Feng Shui Coins tassel is auspicious because 9 is the number signifying the unity between heaven and earth.

You might be wondering what comes after nine coins. Ten? Nay! Many people believe that the 10th emperor was inauspicious because his reign collapsed during that period. That is why no one uses ten coins for good luck.

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Where To Place Chinese Coins For Good Feng Shui?

You need to know the purpose of using these Chinese coins. Once you are clear of your intention, you can place it in the specific areas of the house to achieve the desired outcome.

1. Activate the Wealth Sector of Your House

You can place any lucky Feng Shui wealth symbol like Pixiu, a money frog, and Chinese coins in the money sector of your house.

Based on the general guideline, the far left or right corner is the area associated with wealth upon standing at the main door. However, if you use the Bagua Map, the wealth area will be in the southeast.

2. Front Door or Main Entrance To Attract Good Energy

The front door plays a vital role in creating a good home Feng Shui because it is the entry point of energy flow into your house. You can strategically display the Chinese coins tied with red string, typically 3 or 5 coins above the door, symbolising attracting wealth and abundance.

3. Mitigate Exterior Feng Shui Challenges

Some Feng Shui practitioners will advise placing six coins at the door or windows if any “poison arrow” is caused by external structures. It can be the sharp edges of the neighbouring building, the air conditioner’s fan blade or any pointed objects.

4. Bring This Lucky Charm Along Wherever you Go

You can carry this powerful wealth amulet in your wallet or bag to attract money, opportunities, and protection. But, first, you must ensure that the wallet or bag is in good condition to welcome the positive energies. People like to place the three-coin design inside their wallets or purses.

Alternatively, you can also place nine coin Chinese coins in your bag.

5. Place in Office for Protection

You can place this Feng Shui Chinese coin inside your drawer in your workspace to avoid getting into trouble with people with ill intentions.



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