Two Mirrors Facing Each Other

Two Mirrors Facing Each Other – Bad Feng Shui or Superstition?

Mirrors undoubtedly are an excellent addition to a home and are prevalent in modern apartments. Many people use mirrors to make their space look visually more spacious. It is especially true for countries with limited land for development. For example, even buying a small area, such as a studio apartment, comes at a high price. Therefore, mirrors come in handy in such situations.

It is always advisable to use mirrors sparingly and avoid cluttering your space with them. You should know the mirror placement rules before getting them into your house. One of the most common situations is to have two mirrors facing each other.

Why Is Two Mirrors Facing Each Other Bad Feng Shui?

Mirrors are used to multiply or magnify any energy but can be harmful if misused. They can reflect good and bad chi.

If you hang or place two mirrors opposite each other, it causes the light and energy reflection bounce off each other. It creates an unbalanced chaotic energy movement and infinite reflection in the space. This unstable energy field creates bad Feng Shui in any home. It will create confusion and conflicts, leading to disharmony among the household members.

Two Mirrors Facing Each Other not good


What is the mystery or superstition behind this mirror placement ?

Many people believe that a situation of 2 mirrors or more facing each other creates an invisible portal or dimension for spirits or unknown entities. It acts as a gateway that allows them to come and go.

In conclusion, mirrors are good Feng Shui cures to amplify anything you want in life but plan carefully to achieve the best results.



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