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11 Easy Balcony Feng Shui Tips For Good Luck and Positivity

A balcony can be an excellent place to create a sense of calm and peace in your home. However, it is not just an extension of your home. It is also its entity with its energy. So how can you ensure that the energy flows well? Before planning where to place your table and chairs, you must follow these simple balcony Feng Shui tips for positivity.

1. Keep The Balcony Clutter Free

The first thing you need to do is to clean up your space. You can start by removing any redundant or unused items that are not required. Remember that clutter and mess will harm your balcony feng shui.

In addition, it is also best to avoid hanging clothes on balconies for good energy flow. However, it can be a potential problem for people who live in a small apartment or condo with limited space constraints. To avoid this issue, dry clothes in the sun or use a drying rack or dryer indoors.

2. Avoid Having Main Door Facing Towards The Balcony

The Feng Shui of a building is often taken into consideration when it comes to design and layout. For instance, if your main door is directly facing the balcony means a loss of money. In addition, many experts also associate this layout with many bad things like theft, robbery and burglary.

3. A Well-Lit Balcony is Good Feng Shui

A well-lit balcony brings joy to the occupants of the house, but it also has many other benefits. For example, a study found that people with a bright balcony are more likely to have more opportunities and satisfaction with their life than those who don’t.

It will be good to keep your balcony as bright as possible by allowing natural sunlight into the living space. Avoid having tall and untrimmed plants that block the lighting. A dim room brings stagnant energy that will affect health and fortune.

4. Pay Attention to External Structures or Buildings

It will be best practice to observe the external view, standing from your balcony and see if there is any poison arrow directed into your house. For example, it includes the pointed edge of the opposite apartment, lamppost, and other structures.

If possible, avoid buying such a house. That might be one of the reasons why people like to choose the highest level possible because it will resolve this issue.

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5. No Religious Altar on The Balcony

Even though we do not consider Feng Shui a religion, we must also be careful and respectful if we place an altar in the house. Moreover, the balcony is the area of your home most exposed to the outside environment, so it might take a lot of work to maintain. As a result, if the altar is not properly maintained, it will bring bad luck to the household.

6. Do Not Have Dual Entry From Balcony and Room

If you can access the balcony from two rooms, this layout is called the “Reuccuring Wind Sha” / 回风煞. For example, you can access your living room and bedroom from your balcony.

Many Feng Shui practitioners believe that this layout negatively affects the household members. For instance, the younger family members will go out of the house frequently and do not like to stay at home. So, in the long run, it will affect the relationship between the family. Besides that, the family will find challenges in accumulating wealth.

7. Add Plants To Your Balcony

Many believe that adding plants to a balcony can bring good feng shui. Plants help keep the air fresh and provide a natural way to purify the air. In addition, there are some plants that people believe they bring good luck and prosperity.

Choosing the right plants is essential to benefit the most from your balcony garden. You want them to thrive in your environment while still providing you with the benefits they offer.

8. Choose The Right Shape

Balconies come in many shapes and sizes, but there are some shapes that you should avoid when coming to the balcony. For example, suppose you have a balcony with an irregular shape. In that case, it can be challenging to decorate or use for any practical purpose because you may need more room to put anything other than furniture.

Therefore, it will be advisable to have a balcony of a regular shape, like squarish or rectangular. As a result, this layout will be easier for furniture placement too.

9. Get The Correct Direction Facing of The Balcony

Choose a balcony facing east or south because it gives you ample light. But, do not choose a balcony facing the west because the sunset sunlight will make you uncomfortable.

10. No Pets Please

The idea of pets on the balcony is not ideal in Feng Shui. It messes up the flow of chi and can cause many problems. So to have good Feng Shui, it is crucial that you keep your pets indoors or outside of your home as much as possible.

11. Hang a Wind Chime at The Balcony

Over the decades, many Feng Shui experts have long used wind chimes as a lucky Feng Shui symbol. So, in addition to being great decor for a balcony, you can use wind chimes to bring good luck and positive energies, similar to bells ringing.



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