5 Bad Feng Shui Floorplan Layouts To Avoid When Choosing Your House

From the Feng Shui point of view, it is best to avoid choosing certain house floorplan layout and here are some of them for your reference

1. Gun-Shaped Layout is bad Feng Shui

pistol shaped layout

A house with a good Feng Shui must be square and complete with all sectors intact and a pistol shaped layout is one that has the most missing sectors, so it is best to avoid it since it symbolize inauspicious.

2. Avoid Toilet in the centre of the house

Toilet in the center

The toilet is the source of contamination and negative energy and if it is located at the centre of the house, it will affect the luck and fortune of all occupants. This layout is considered a house of bad fortune and in Chinese, we called it “下下签”, so it is best to avoid.

3. Do not choose Triangle shaped layout

Do not choose Triangle shaped layout

If people live in the triangle shaped house layout, it will cause discomfort and attract bad lucks for those living inside.

4. Unusual Shape Layout cause poor health

Unusual Shape Layout cause poor health

This type of odd shaped house is likely to cause poor ventilation and air circulation, so fresh clean air is difficult to enter the house. In the long run, it will cause health issues to the occupants.

5. Poorly ventilated House 

Poorly ventilated House

Do not choose those house layout that has little or even no windows because it will affect the air circulation and cause negative vibes to accumulate. It will cause health and mental issue.

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