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4 Useful Tips To Choose The Right Curtains for Good Feng Shui

Curtains are a home decor staple, but the wrong curtains can adversely affect your home. Curtains are essential to Feng Shui because they block out unwanted outside influences and bring in good energy. In addition, they also give you a space of privacy, especially if the building is close to one another.

But do you know that it also plays a significant role in creating good Feng Shui? So what are the rules and guidelines for choosing and using suitable curtains to improve energy at home?

This article will share some tips for choosing suitable curtains for you.

1. Choose The Suitable Patterns

Adding a curtain is a classic way to add style and character to any room. However, they can also be a great way to bring negative energy. For example, if you have a deep-seated fear of being buried alive, you may want to avoid curtains with images such as coffins or gravestones.

The design of a room can impact the mood and feeling of a person in the space. Therefore, if you want to create a pleasant environment, it is good to avoid those curtains with negative symbolism, such as skeletons, beasts, etc.

It might cause a feeling of insecurity and affect your sleep quality, especially if it is in your bedroom. It will eventually affect your health too.

2. Colour Does Matter

When it comes to Feng Shui, colours carry different meanings. Different colours in different contexts can bring about a variety of effects. For example, red is the fire colour and should be used sparingly for areas intended for romance and passion. Yellow is the colour of the earth used for creativity and growth, so it’s best in the living room or office space.

On the other hand, avoid choosing a rich dark colour in the bedroom because it can affect your beauty sleep. For example, black gives people a feeling of depression, while bright red stimulates excitement and causes difficulties in having a good sleep and rest.

For a married couple’s bedroom, you should avoid a pink curtain as it might attract extra-marital affairs and affect your relationship.

Choosing a light, warm, soothing colour for your curtain will be the best option.


3. Thick Or Thin?

The Curtains can come into good use if the view from your window is facing some negative external Sha Chi. Of course, you can also use curtains if your wealth corner directly faces a full-height window.

So to remedy this challenge, you can use two layered curtains to block the unfavourable energy. If you use a thick curtain, it might block out all-natural light, yet a thin one will not.

4. Keep The Curtains Clean Regularly

Windows and curtains are considered the medium which allows the energies to enter the house. Regardless if they are new, in good condition or old, spoilt or torn, they will affect the house’s energy. If a couple feels ill at ease in their home and there is no reason for this feeling, it may be because of the windows or curtains.

Always keep your windows clean and curtains in working condition because they are the medium for energy flow into the house. It would help if you always replace old, spoilt or torn curtains to avoid stagnant energies from accumulating.

In conclusion, you must love the curtain’s colour, which will eventually bring good Feng Shui.



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