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4 Tips to Keep in Mind When Choosing Curtains for Good Feng Shui

In our house, we use curtains as a simple home decor or tool to block the light and dust coming from the external surroundings. They also give you a space of privacy, especially if the building is close to one another. But do you know that it also plays a significant role in creating good Feng Shui? What are the rules and guidelines in choosing and using the right curtains to improve the energy at home?

Feng Shui Tips to Choose the Right Curtains for Your Home

1. Patterns

When you are choosing the curtain, it is good to avoid those patterns with negative symbolism, for example, skeletons, beasts, etc. It might cause a feeling of insecurity and affect your sleep quality, especially if it is in your bedroom. It will eventually affect your health too.

2. Color does matter

It is advisable to avoid choosing dark heavy color because it can affect your beauty sleep.

Black gives people a feeling of depression

Bright Red stimulates excitement and cause difficulties in having a good sleep and rest.

For couple, it is also good to avoid pink curtain too as it might attract extra-marital affair and affect your relationship.

Light and warm, soothing color is always the best choice in curtains.


3. Thick Or Thin?

Curtains can come into good use if the view from your window is facing some negative external Sha Chi. They can also be used if your wealth corner is facing directly a full height window. As a remedy, you can use a 2 layered curtains to block the unfavorable energy. If you use a thick curtain, it might block out all natural light, yet a thin one will not.

4. Keep it Clean Regularly

Always keep your windows clean and curtain in working condition because they are the medium for the energies to flow into the house. It is recommended to replace old, spoilt or torn curtains.

In conclusion, you must love the curtain’s color and it will eventually bring in good Feng Shui.




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