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Is Bunk Bed Good or Bad Feng Shui and How to Improve It?

In the contemporary modern home interior decor and furniture selection, a bunk bed is an excellent choice because it helps to save space and, not forgetting, kids love them.

But at the same time, there are some reasons why some people regard bunk beds as poor Feng Shui. Hence, we have listed the rationales behind them in this article.

4 Untold Reasons Why Bunk Bed is Bad Feng Shui

1. Feeling of Discomfort and Pressure

Firstly, if you are sleeping on the upper deck, the gap between you and the ceiling is too close. Sleeping in this position gives people a feeling of oppression and discomfort. Therefore, your sleep quality will be affected due to the lack of support directly underneath your body.

2. Creates Tension

If you position your study table under the bed, which is the typical design of the bunk bed, it puts tension on the person sitting below the bed and causes him to lose focus and might cause sleepless nights.

3. Negative Impact to Relationship

In the long period, the one sleeping in the lower deck will feel inferior to the one in the upper deck, which might cause conflict and disputes between the two persons.

4. Affect Health

Besides that, the one sleeping on the bottom will be more prone to poor health due to stagnant chi accumulated between the top and bottom mattresses.

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How To Improve Bunk Bed Feng Shui?

If you still insist on getting bunk beds because they are a terrific way to save space, you should follow these Feng Shui tips.

Of course, the best method will be to have your children sleeping in their single beds instead of using the bunk bed. However, if it is not achievable, you should get a bed made of sturdy and solid wood so that it will not squeak or rock when there are activities on the top bunk. Besides that, it is also for the safety of the little ones.



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