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5 Feng Shui Tips To Choose The Right Type of Ceiling

The ceiling is a commonly overlooked component when planning to renovate or remake our home. However, most of us are lucky that we always take the conventional way of decorating a ceiling, which is to paint it plain white.

In the Feng Shui principle, the ceiling plays a significant role in a house in attracting good or bad energy, and it also represents the “Heaven”, while the floor signifies the “Earth”, so you must take good care of the roof above your head.

Here are some tips on how to benefit from the correct type of ceiling.

1. Keep It Simple, No Mirror Decoration

Due to space constraints, people have started decorating their ceilings with mirrors to make the space feel more spacious. However, you must avoid having this installation.

This layout will cause the household members staying inside the house to feel confused and insecure because of their reflection that is always “looking at them”. It might cause stress or depression over time, and the health and wealth of the residents will be significantly affected.

2. Avoid Exposed Beam

It would be best if you avoided having exposed overhead beams in the key areas that can affect the entire house’s Feng Shui.

a. Above bed – It leads to poor sleeping quality and health issues.

b. Office desk – This layout will cause stress and pressure. Besides that, it also obstructs work progression and breakthrough.

c. Kitchen Stove – It affects the health of the female owner of the house.

d. Main Door – Having a beam over the main door causes financial stress to the family’s income earner.

Therefore it is always best to conceal it with a false ceiling or avoid it at the start.

For example, see the image below. Do you think you can sleep or focus well under such oppressing situation?


3. Be Simple in Color Selection

Colour is an essential element in interior design and a great way to improve home feng shui. Therefore, choosing the right colour is another crucial factor to keep in mind.

Studies have shown that the colour of your ceiling can affect the mood and atmosphere of a room. You can use it to create specific moods, such as a sense of warmth or sophistication.

Always keep it simple with a light and neutral colour (White series of paint) that is soothing to your eye and not too strong colours like black, dark blue, etc.

4. No Heavy Objects

Avoid giant chandeliers or heavy hanging objects on the ceiling right above the bed. Always try to keep it as simple as possible or else it will create an oppressing pressure on the people sleeping on the bed and eventually cause health issues.

5. No Slanted Ceiling

Slanted ceilings are bad feng shui because they block chi, and there is no way to remove them. In addition, it will also make a room appear smaller and can block sunlight from entering the room. Feng shui experts recommend removing slanting ceilings if possible.



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