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7 Feng Shui Poison Arrows – How To Identify and Fix? (Interior & Exterior)

Does “poison arrow” sound scary and intimidating to you? You might have heard this term from Feng Shui practitioners or online articles. They are one of the critical factors to look out for and consider when buying a new house. In a nutshell, Feng shui poison arrow is a term used in geomancy which refers to the destructive or harmful energy emitted from internal or exterior structures.

What are Feng Shui Poison Arrows?

In the Feng Shui Form School, there are two types of Chi energies, namely:

– Sheng Qi (favourable energy) that brings in positive vibes and good things in life.

– Sha Qi (unfavourable energy) that brings negative energy to your house.

In Feng Shui, we regard a poison arrow as Sha Qi due to its concentrated energy from sharp objects pointing directly towards any part of your house and body.

You can find these poison arrows created by an artificial structure or natural environment that we cannot change. Therefore, depending on the affected areas, they have different effects on your life.

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Feng Shui Poison Arrows Fixes For Interior

– The Sharp corners of the wall or furniture generate poison arrows that point directly towards you. To remedy this situation, you can move them to another position to avoid the Sha Qi.

– Tables with pointed corners are also one of the culprits, so it is best to choose one with a rounded corner instead.

– Exposed Above-head beams make people feel stressed and uncomfortable. To fix it, you can conceal them with a false ceiling so that you cannot see the beam visually.

– It is always good to avoid open shelves and to install doors if you have one so that it does not create a sharp angle. On top of it, it will make the space look neater too.

– To counter the poison arrow from the column and pillar, you can position a Feng Shui-friendly tall plant to block it.

Feng Shui Poison Arrow Remedy For Exterior

– The main door facing a dead-end street or a T-Junction creates harmful energy. To remedy this situation, plant trees and bushes in front of the main entryway to act as a protective barrier against the poison arrow.

– Neighbouring high-rise tower buildings or temples with pointed structures can create such negative energy too. To resolve this negative energy, use the Bagua mirror to reflect.

– If your main door faces a long corridor, place plants with big oval-shaped leaves along the side of the passage to slow down the gushing flow.

If you have a poison arrow directed towards your main entrance, hang a multi-faceted crystal ball between the object and the front door to mitigate the harsh energies.



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