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Is Mirror Above Bed Good Or Bad Feng Shui? (Pros & Cons)

Mirrors are popular decorative pieces of accessory people use to amplify light and create a visually spacious space. Many people also used them in Feng Shui fixes, such as hiding poison arrows in beams and columns. However, you should not hang the mirrors in a specific place in the house, and it is your bedroom, especially with a mirror above bed.

Many Feng Shui practitioners advise against that, especially if you position a mirror over your bed. However, there is another flipped side of the story where this position brings benefits too.

Why Hanging a Mirror Above Bed is Not A Good Idea?

1. No Support 

If a mirror is hung directly above the bed, it gives people a feeling of sleeping under an “invisible window”. We all know it is essential to sleep with a solid “Mountain” support at your back to protect your chi. In addition, it will create stability and grounding support in the bedroom, so remove the mirror.

2. Subtle Feeling of Insecurity

It is best to keep the space above the bed empty. Do not install heavy objects like paintings, air-con and mirrors because they are falling hazards. It might cause subconscious anxiety that you feel the things will drop at any time and cause accidental injuries.

These unnecessary worries about the unknown might affect your sleep quality and cause emotional health problems in the long run.

mirror above bed

What Are The Pros Of Mirror Above Bed?

Even though most online articles or Feng Shui practitioners advise against having a mirror above the bed, there are some excellent points too. We will share the advantages of this setup in this article.

1. Create a “Larger” Room

There are many ways to create a visually larger room, such as using contrast and lighting colour, decluttering, maximizing room arrangement and optimizing the placement of mirrors.

For example, hanging a mirror above the bed is a clever way to make a small bedroom look spacious and more open.

2. Add Sparkle To Romance Life

Mirror with round frames can help to fill the space with a tinge of a romantic feel. It can enrich the love life and nourish a better relationship.

So Having A Mirror Above The Bed Suitable For You?

If you focus solely on Feng Shui, we regard this layout as poor practice, and you should avoid it at all costs. However, this layout can be a good idea in interior design to create a visually appealing and spacious space, especially for a small bedroom.

In conclusion, it still depends on individual preference and comfort level hanging a mirror above the bed. Try it out! If you have trouble getting into sleep, the mirror might be the culprit.



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