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Everything you need to know for YEAR 2017! 12 Zodiac Forecast, Spring-Cleaning Dates, CNY Dos & Don’ts and many more

1. Spring Cleaning   大扫除

Spring Cleaning Auspicious Dates 2017
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2. Discontinuation of Work   收工

Stop work 2017
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3. Commencement of Work   开工

Commencement of Work 2017
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4. Chinese New Year Visits   拜年吉时

Auspicious Periods to Leave Home for Chinese New Year Visits

Chinese New Year Visits 2017
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– Si Period (0900hrs – 1100hrs)

– Wu Period (1100hrs – 1300hrs)

5. Prayers to Grand Duke   拜太岁

duke prayer 2017
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6. Reception of the God of Wealth   接财神

God of Wealth will arrive on the 1st day of the 1st Lunar Month (28/01/2017) from Southeast (1230).

god of wealth 2017
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Portrait of the God of Weath is best positioned in the Southeast of the living room, facing the Northwest.

Most Auspicious Period for the Reception: Chou Period (0100hrs – 0300hrs)

Most Auspicious Time for the Reception: 0140hrs (28/01/2017)

7. Chinese New Year Dos and Don’ts   新年宜忌


  • Spring clean your house before CNY arrives
    To chase away bad fortune
  • Buy new clothes and have a haircut
    To welcome the New Year with a fresh image and avert misfortune
  • Stay up late on New Year’s Eve
    To wish for longevity for your parents
  • Greet everyone with a smile and utter auspicious sayings
    To usher in good luck and a smooth-sailing year
  • Prepare even-numbered mandarin oranges for New Year visits
    To convey good wishes to your friends and relatives
  • Repay all your debts before CNY arrives
    To avoid affecting your wealth luck in the New Year


  • Sweep the floor or throw rubbish on the 1st day of CNY
    To avoid sending your wealth luck away
  • Use sharp objects on the 1st day of CNY
    To ensure harmony and happiness in the family
  • Wash your hair on the 1st day of CNY
    To prevent washing your good fortune away
  • Break any plates or bowls
    Utter auspicious sayings if breakage happens accidentally

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