Everything you need to know for YEAR 2017! 12 Zodiac Forecast, Spring-Cleaning Dates, CNY Dos & Don’ts and many more

1. Spring Cleaning   大扫除

Spring Cleaning Auspicious Dates 2017

2. Discontinuation of Work   收工

Stop work 2017

3. Commencement of Work   开工

Commencement of Work 2017

4. Chinese New Year Visits   拜年吉时

Auspicious Periods to Leave Home for Chinese New Year Visits

Chinese New Year Visits 2017

– Si Period (0900hrs – 1100hrs)

– Wu Period (1100hrs – 1300hrs)

5. Prayers to Grand Duke   拜太岁

duke prayer 2017

6. Reception of the God of Wealth   接财神

God of Wealth will arrive on the 1st day of the 1st Lunar Month (28/01/2017) from Southeast (1230).

god of wealth 2017

Portrait of the God of Weath is best positioned in the Southeast of the living room, facing the Northwest.

Most Auspicious Period for the Reception: Chou Period (0100hrs – 0300hrs)

Most Auspicious Time for the Reception: 0140hrs (28/01/2017)

7. Chinese New Year Dos and Don’ts   新年宜忌


  • Spring clean your house before CNY arrives
    To chase away bad fortune
  • Buy new clothes and have a haircut
    To welcome the New Year with a fresh image and avert misfortune
  • Stay up late on New Year’s Eve
    To wish for longevity for your parents
  • Greet everyone with a smile and utter auspicious sayings
    To usher in good luck and a smooth-sailing year
  • Prepare even-numbered mandarin oranges for New Year visits
    To convey good wishes to your friends and relatives
  • Repay all your debts before CNY arrives
    To avoid affecting your wealth luck in the New Year


  • Sweep the floor or throw rubbish on the 1st day of CNY
    To avoid sending your wealth luck away
  • Use sharp objects on the 1st day of CNY
    To ensure harmony and happiness in the family
  • Wash your hair on the 1st day of CNY
    To prevent washing your good fortune away
  • Break any plates or bowls
    Utter auspicious sayings if breakage happens accidentally

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