Feng Shui flying star 2023 chart

Feng Shui Flying Stars 2023 Cure and Remedy In Rabbit Year

In the upcoming year of the Water Rabbit, the Chinese New Year falls on 22 Jan 2023. There is a common misconception that the new year only begins when we are celebrating the first day of Chinese Lunar New Year. However, to be more exact, the Tiger year starts on the “Li Chun” day that falls on 4th February 2023.

In Feng Shui flying stars, each star governs its own respective energy with different effects. They will fly to different sectors of the house every year.

Let’s look at the flying star 2023 chart and uncover the respective energy that is affecting each sector.

In this upcoming year of Water Rabbit 2023, there are favorable and unfavorable sectors of your home or office that you need to take note.

However, you should minimize activities in the unfavorable sectors, especially major renovations, and spend more time in the favorable areas.

What Are The Unfavorable Flying Feng Shui Stars in 2023?

East  – The Grand Duke Jupiter / Tai Sui

West – The Three Killings / Sui Po

East: Illness Star #2

NorthWest: Misfortunate Star #5

NorthEast: Robbery and Violence Star #7

SouthEast: Quarrelsome Star #3

What Are The Favorable Flying Feng Shui Stars in 2023?

In 2023, the favorable stars will be residing in the following sectors:

SouthWest: Victory Star #1

South: Prosperity Star #8

North:  The Future Prosperity Star #9

West: Heavenly Star #6

Centre: Peach Blossom Star #4

Above mentioned are the sectors that you should enhance to bring in favourable energies. It can help to encourage wealth and prosperity, promoting harmony and good communication in the household in 2023.

Besides promoting energy in the favourable sectors, we must also know the locations of the unfavourable stars to mitigate or cure them.
Let’s look at how each Feng Shui flying stars affect you. Besides that, we should also learn to apply the remedies/enhancers in each sector to attract positive energy and minimize the effect of the negative one.

feng shui flying stars 2023

Flying Star #1 – Victory Star (一白贪狼星)

The Victory star #1 (Water Element) flies to the SouthWest (Earth Element) in 2023. This sector represents the peach blossom and popularity, suitable for people in sales who need to interact with strangers frequently. For example, it includes real estate agents or financial advisors.

Since the victory star belongs to the water element and SouthWest is the Earth element, there is an element clash. It means more undesired peach blossoms relationships in your life. Therefore, you need to place more objects belonging to the metal element in this sector to neutralize the clash. For example, you can consider metal ornaments like trophies, music boxes, or metal frame photos of your idol/mentor.

Main door in the SouthWest – Increase of overseas opportunities and benefactor’s support. Meanwhile, you can also have unexpected success with incoming wealth.

Bedroom in the SouthWest – Strengthen interpersonal relationships and easy to hit off with people. In addition, if the star is in this area, it is also beneficial to development of a new love relationship. .

Bathroom in the SouthWest – You may encounter more problems in love relationships that can cause emotional turmoil, making it hard to move forward.

Kitchen in the SouthWest – You have a high chance of finding love with someone from another country, allowing you to explore different cultures and build meaningful connections.

Flying Star #2 – Illness Star (二黑星巨门星)

Look out for your house’s East sector (Wood Element), as the unfavourable Illness Star #2 (Earth Element) has flown to this sector.

This flying star is notorious for negatively impacting the household members, such as health issues, legal entanglements and bad luck. Furthermore, the earth and wood element clashes, forming the “Battling Bull” Sha unfavourable for the health condition, we need to take extra precautions.

Therefore, you should consider placing white, gold-coloured carpet or curtains in this area to disperse the unfavourable energy with metal elements further. Some examples are trophies, metal music boxes, brass Wu Lou, Chinese coins etc.

In 2023, Tai Sui will be in the East sector, so avoiding any significant changes, renovations and activities in this area is best.

Main Door in the East – Household members will fall sick easily with minor illnesses such as fever, cough and indigestion so expect an increase in medical expenses.

Bedroom in the East – Take care of your digestive system and be careful of accidents, especially for elderly women with gynaecology problems. Meanwhile, you may also attract many people with ill intentions around you.

Bathroom in the East  – There will be no major issue in health, but it is advisable to close the toilet door whenever not in use.

Kitchen in the East  – There will be disharmony in the family and fertility problems. Take care of the digestive system and personal hygiene because it might raise concerns about your health.

Flying Star #3 – Quarrelsome Star (三碧禄存星)

Star #3 (Wood Element) represents quarrelsome energy and has flown to the SouthEast (Wood Element) sector this year. The negative energy creates disputes or misunderstandings caused by rumours and unstable emotions.

Since the SouthEast sector belongs to the Wood element, it further amplifies the unfavourable energy of the quarrelsome Star (Wood). Therefore, it is recommended to avoid placing water features or water-breed plants in this area because it might magnify the impact.

The traditional Feng Shui method of overcoming this affliction is to exhaust it with Fire Element. For example, you can place anything that symbolizes the Fire elements. These remedies can be anything red, such as a red crystal ball, red lantern, red rug or spring festival couplets.

Main door at the SouthEast: You have more challenges in controlling your temper, so there is a high chance of quarrels with people around you. Therefore, consider placing a red apple decoration or red crystal ball near the house entrance to nurture peace and harmony.

Bedroom at the SouthEast: Pay extra attention to the document you sign to avoid getting into legal entanglement. Ensure that doors and windows are properly closed to prevent burglary or robbery.

Bathroom at the SouthEast: You will be affected by gossip and rumours. Therefore, close the toilet door whenever not in use is recommended.

Kitchen at the SouthEast: It will positively boost your academic success and scholastic luck. Increase focus on studying, ultimately leading to better grades and improved academic success.

flying star 3 quarrel


Flying Star #4 – Peach Blossom Star (四绿文曲星)

The academic and peach blossom star #4 (Wood Element) flies to the centre of the house (Earth Element) in 2023. This combination creates a clash in the element, weakening the star’s energy. Therefore, do not place any ornament belonging to Earth elements that further reduce the Wood energy.

Instead, place a water-grown bamboo plant, four treasures of study (文房四宝), Wen Chang Pagoda to enhance the energy of this star.

Main Door at the Centre: It brings career progression and academic development, especially for administrative and management positions.

Bedroom at the Centre: If your job requires travelling, it benefits you and gives you a higher chance of increasing your fame. In addition, you will also establish a good reputation in the industry.

Bathroom at the Centre: You might be affected by an unstable emotional state of mind and cannot focus well. This mental health issue can negatively impact your academic advancement and obstruct any achievements.

Kitchen at the Centre:It is best to be more vigilant and pay extra attention to the possibility of a small fire or accidental scalding.

Flying Star #5 – Misfortunate Star (五黄廉贞星)

One of the most unfavourable flying stars, misfortune star #5 (Earth Element), has flown to the NorthWest (Metal Element) of the house in 2023. This inauspicious star has a bad reputation for bringing accidents, disasters, bad luck, or negative energy. However, the energy from the Metal element has helped to minimize the negative energy of this star, but don’t underestimate the five yellow.

Therefore, avoid placing any items belonging to the fire element in this sector to boost the energy further. For example, it includes red crystal balls, red carpets and others.

Like mitigating the annual flying star #2, you can place white, gold-coloured carpet or curtains in this area to mitigate Star #5. You may also choose to minimize the negative energy’s impact further with Metal element items like trophies or metal music boxes, etc.

Avoid putting any items that produce movements, such as water features or plants, is also good. Again, it is because they can trigger and activate negative energy.

Main door at NorthWest – There is a higher possibility of accidental injuries among the family members. Therefore, pay extra attention to pregnant women.

Bedroom at NorthWest – Your luck will deteriorate, and things will go differently than you plan. Hence, you might face many obstacles or challenges to achieve your aim.

Bathroom at NorthWest – It is good to pay extra attention to your health, especially your urinary bladder. Remember to seek professional medical help early. Whenever not in use, always keep the toilet door closed at all times.

Kitchen at NorthWest – It will magnify the unfavourable energy of this star and cause health problems for those staying in the household. Be extra careful of food hygiene to minimize any chance of food poisoning or indigestion.

Flying Star #6 – Heavenly Star (六白武曲星)

The Heavenly star #6 (Metal Element), representing travel luck, migration, windfall luck, and support from the benefactor, has landed in the house’s West sector (Metal Element). But, unfortunately, it can create an overdose of fire elements that can cause arguments and accidents.

Instead, consider placing water element items like water features and others to exhaust the overpowering fire element. The positive energy of the Heavenly star encourages windfall wealth and abundance. Therefore, place a water feature to enhance the favourable energy in this area further.

In addition, Sui Po and the three killings are also in the West, so minimize any activities in this sector, especially major renovation.

Main door at the West – You will have the opportunity to migrate if it is planned and also enjoys good luck with overseas business. Besides that, it is also favourable for people in the enforcement position, such as police officers, soldiers and others.

Bedroom at the West – Engage in networking to expand your social circle. You will meet noblemen or mentors who will assist you in career advancement or business breakthroughs.

Bathroom at the West – The metal element is exhausted by the dominating water element in the toilet. So you will need more luck in gaining support and help in whatever you do.

Kitchen at the West – The kitchen represents the fire element that produces Earth and creates metal, creating positive energy. As a result, you will gain support and assistance from helpful people and benefactors.

Flying Star #7 – Robbery Star (七赤破军星)

Robbery/Burglary star #7 (Metal Element) has flown to the North East sector (Earth Element). It brings unexpected loss of wealth, like burglary, unnecessary spending, etc. The star’s energy has been boosted with the Metal element from the West sector. Hence it is good to prepare for any anti-burglary setup, like installing alarms.

To reduce the negative impact of this unfavourable energy, place items belonging to the water elements like Black or Blue crystal balls or Blue Feng Shui Rhinoceros.

Main door at the NorthEast – If your front or back door is in this sector, you must be careful of the burglary problem. Take the extra mile to increase your security system and ensure to lock the door before leaving the house.

Bedroom at the NorthEast – If your bed is in this sector, it encourages and increases good peach blossom luck. It is good news for singles, especially females who have the intention and are ready to welcome a new romantic relationship.

Bathroom at the NorthEast – A troubled love relationship is more likely due to gossip and third party. In addition, it might make you neglect your job performance, affecting your income.

Kitchen at the NorthEast – There is a high possibility of getting entangled in gossip affairs and attracting backstabbers. Besides that, you should also be more cautious of the surrounding environment to minimize mishaps or accidents.

Flying Star #8 – Prosperity Star (八白左辅星)

The auspicious annual flying star, Prosperity star #8 (Earth Element), has flown to the South sector (Fire Element). It further enhances the Earth Energy of Prosperity Star. As a result, you can expect promotion, career advancement, salary increments and business breakthroughs. In a nutshell, it means that many lucky things and events will happen.

To boost the energy of this favourable star, consider enhancing this area with red-coloured items like a red carpet, red crystal ball, etc. Alternatively, if red is not your cup of tea, you may place a water feature or fish tank to activate and boost the favourable energy.

Main door at the South – It helps improve the wealth luck for the household members and boosts career advancement with many opportunities this year.

Bedroom at the South – It will be a bountiful and prosperous year to accumulate your wealth. You will reap the fruit and get rewarded for your hard work.

Bathroom at the South – You will face difficulties accumulating your money because of unexpected expenses that break your plan of saving or investing.

Kitchen at the South – It boosts fame and reputation, which is especially favourable for actors, bloggers, YouTubers, and live streamers. Besides that, the family will enjoy good money luck and prosperity.

Flying Star #9 – Future Prosperity Star (九紫右弼星)

The future prosperity star #9 (Fire Element) has flown to the North sector (Water Element) in 2023. It brings happy events like weddings, newborns, career promotions, new business ventures and others. However, due to the element clashes, it has minimised the star’s positive effect.

So instead of decorating this area with red-coloured items, you should use wood elements such as green leaves plants to activate and boost good energy.

Main door at the North – It enhances your wealth luck and will see positive results with your investment portfolio. Things will go your way, and this year will be a smooth sailing journey. Whatever you do, you will get a positive result and up to your expectation.

Bedroom at the North – You will enjoy good love relationship this year. if you are planning to welcome a little one into the family, you have a high chance of getting pregnant. For single, you will meet your other half of your liking.

Bathroom at the North – You will have difficulties in accumulating your money and unexpected expenses that deplete your savings. These unexpected expenses will mostly come from medical treatment, so pay attention to your health.

Kitchen at the North – It will enhance the fire element and lead to fire accidents if you are not careful. You might also offend people with your bad temper and cause a drift in the relationship.


In conclusion, the Feng Shui Flying stars will determine the energy flow in your home or office. So, it is crucial to understand the energy flow and make changes accordingly to attract positive energy and ward off negative energy.

Therefore, spending more time in the favourable sector and minimising any activities or major renovations in the unfavourable sectors is advisable. By understanding how the concept of Feng Shui Flying stars works, you can create a harmonious and positive environment for yourself and your family. With this knowledge of the Flying Stars 2023, you can fill your living space with positive energy and abundance.



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