auspicious spring cleaning dates 2024

Auspicious Spring Cleaning Dates in 2024 To Usher Good Luck

The Chinese have many traditions and cultures to follow, especially during the Chinese New Year period. They believe spring is the time of year to eliminate clutter and clean up the house. But how do you know which spring cleaning dates are available to usher good luck?

People in China believe that different days have different luck and energies. The following is a list of auspicious days in the Chinese calendar that is good for spring cleaning.

What Is The Purpose of Spring Cleaning?

In ancient China, people believed that all the negative energy from the past year would accumulate in your house during the winter months. This energy would cause sickness, poverty and bad luck for you and your family. So before the Chinese New Year, people would clean their houses to sweep away all that bad luck.

The Lunar New Year is a time for renewal and to start fresh, making resolutions to improve yourself. It is why spring cleaning during Chinese New Year has become such an important tradition in China.

In a nutshell, the primary purpose of spring cleaning is to remove the old, spoilt, unwanted and stagnant energy. After that, we can invite fresh, positive energy into your home or office.

When Should We Do The Spring Cleaning?

The Chinese typically practice spring cleaning before the Lunar New Year (For 2024, you should spring clean before 10 Feburary 2024 – based on the Gregorian Calendar).

It is already good to select a date that does not clash with any of your family members’ Chinese Zodiac. The spring clean dates below are chosen from the Chinese Almanac that is suitable for “辞旧迎新” (sending away the old and ushering in the new energy)

Spring Cleaning Dates To Usher Good Fortune in 2024

Commencement DateDayZodiac to Avoid
6th January 2024SaturdayPig
15th January 2024MondayMonkey
21st January 2024SundayTiger
27th January 2024SaturdayMonkey
30th January 2024TuesdayPig
31st January 2024WednesdayRat
2nd February 2024FridayTiger


Spring Cleaning Checklist for a Prosperous New Year

1. Equipped with New Cleaning Tools

Get brand new cleaning items, like brooms, pails, cloths, mop and any other equipment you require. It is good to avoid using old ones due to past energies.

2. Usher in The Good Energy

If you enjoy a good time the previous year, you should clean from the main entrance and work your house inwards.

3. Getting Rid Of The Bad Energy

If you have undergone a challenging time the previous year, you should begin cleaning the inner part of your house. Then sweep out of the main door to remove all negative energy accumulated. Doing so allows space for new positive energy to fill the space.

May you clear the bad energy and usher in the positive one this upcoming year with these auspicious spring cleaning dates and checklists.

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