auspicious wedding dates 2023

Auspicious Wedding Dates 2023 (Bad Days To Avoid Too)

In Chinese culture, there are many customs to follow in every critical milestone of our life, for example, wedding, baby’s first month birthday and many more. Choosing the auspicious wedding dates is a custom deeply rooted in the hearts of all Chinese. If you are getting married, this is the first step to preparing for the big day, so you should take it seriously.

Why Do You Need To Choose An Auspicious Wedding Date?

Many people are busy with work and other commitments, so finding an auspicious wedding date is difficult. Plus, many traditional ceremonies require a date that falls within a specific time frame. But, there are other reasons you should choose an auspicious wedding date.

The main reason is to plan and ensure that everything will go smoothly without worrying about scheduling conflicts. Another reason is that it can help you avoid bad luck during the ceremony and ensure a smooth event flow on an actual day.

Starting your marriage on a positive note brings happiness and prosperity to the couple.

How To Select An Auspicious Wedding Date?

There are many ways and guidelines to find out the best dates.

– Use the Chinese Almanac to find auspicious wedding dates for 2023.

– Avoid choosing the dates with conflicting and clashing Chinese Zodiac signs.

– Consult a professional to analyze the eight characters (BaZi) of the wedding couple to derive a suitable date.

To keep things simple, we covered you with a list of auspicious wedding dates in 2023.

Gregorian DateDayConflicting Zodiac Sign
January 2023
9 Jan 2023MondayRooster
11 Jan 2023WednesdayPig
12 Jan 2023ThursdayRat
14 Jan 2023SaturdayTiger
21 Jan 2023SaturdayRooster
24 Jan 2023TuesdayRat
26 Jan 2023ThursdayTiger
February 2023
2 Feb 2023ThursdayRooster
6 Feb 2023MondayOx
8 Feb 2023WednesdayRabbit
14 Feb 2023TuesdayRooster
15 Feb 2023WednesdayDog
18 Feb 2023SaturdayOx
23 Feb 2023ThursdayHorse
27 Feb 2023WednesdayDog
March 2023
2 March 2023ThursdayOx
8 March 2023WednesdayGoat
7 March 2023MondayOx
17 March 2023FridayDragon
19 March 2023SundayHorse
22 March 2023WednesdayRooster
25 March 2023SaturdayRat
29 March 2023WednesdayDragon
31 March 2023FridayHorse
April 2023
1 April 2023SaturdayGoat
3 April 2023MondayRooster
9 April 2023SundayRabbit
14 April 2023FridayMonkey
15 April 2023SaturdayRooster
18 April 2023TuesdayRat
26 April 2023WednesdayMonkey
30 April 2023SundayRat
May 2023
6 May 2023SaturdayHorse
10 May 2023WednesdayDog
12 May 2023FridayRat
15 May 2023MondayRabbit
18 May 2023ThursdayHorse
21 May 2023SundayRooster
27 May 2023SaturdayRabbit
28 May 2023SundayDragon
30 May 2023TuesdayHorse
June 2023
3 June 2023SaturdayDog
5 June 2023MondayRat
7 June 2023WednesdayTiger
8 June 2023ThursdayRabbit
9 June 2023FridayDragon
12 June 2023MondayGoat
15 June 2023ThursdayDog
16 June 2023FridayPig
18 June 2023SundayOx
21 June 2023WednesdayDragon
30 June 2023FridayOx
July 2023
1 July 2023SaturdayTiger
2 July 2023SundayRabbit
7 July 2023FridayMonkey
8 July 2023SaturdayRooster
12 July 2023WednesdayOx
14 July 2023FridayRabbit
15 July 2023SaturdayDragon
19 July 2023WednesdayMonkey
25 July 2023TuesdayTiger
26 July 2023WednesdayRabbit
31 July 2023MondayMonkey
August 2023
1 August 2023TuesdayRooster
3 August 2023ThursdayPig
5 August 2023SaturdayOx
7 August 2023MondayRabbit
10 August 2023ThursdayHorse
13 August 2023SundayRooster
16 August 2023WednesdayRat
17 August 2023ThursdayOx
26 August 2023SaturdayDog
28 August 2023MondayRat
September 2023
3 September 2023SundayHorse
6 September 2023WednesdayRooster
9 September 2023SaturdayRat
11 September 2023MondayTiger
16 September 2023SaturdayGoat
19 September 2023TuesdayDog
21 September 2023ThursdayRat
23 September 2023SaturdayTiger
25 September 2023MondayDragon
28 September 2023ThursdayGoat
October 2023
1 October 2023SundayDog
3 October 2023TuesdayRat
5 October 2023ThursdayTiger
7 October 2023SaturdayDragon
12 October 2023ThursdayRooster
15 October 2023SundayRat
19 October 2023ThursdayDragon
26 October 2023ThursdayPig
27 October 2023FridayRat
28 October 2023SaturdayOx
29 October 2023SundayTiger
November 2023
5 November 2023SundayRooster
14 November 2023TuesdayHorse
17 November 2023FridayRooster
20 November 2023MondayRat
26 November 2023SundayHorse
28 November 2023TuesdayMonkey
29 November 2023WednesdayRooster
December 2023
2 December 2023SaturdayRat
5 December 2023TuesdayRabbit
6 December 2023WednesdayDragon
9 December 2023SaturdayGoat
13 December 2023WednesdayPig
21 December 2023ThursdayGoat

Disclaimer: This information is only for general reference and there are also other factors involved. The easiest and safest way is to engage a professional Feng Shui master to look into your “bazi” (八字) to find the perfect date. 




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