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Chinese Rabbit Zodiac Animal Sign 2022 Luck and Fortune Prediction

rabbit Zodiac

Zodiac Animal Sign: Rabbit (兔)

Year: 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011

Compatible Zodiac Sign (s): Goat, Pig and Dog

Chinese Rabbit Zodiac Animal Sign 2022 Overall Forecast

2022 is going to be a busy and rewarding year for those belonging to the Chinese Rabbit zodiac sign. You are going to reap the fruits you have sowed in the past years. Expect recognition and promotion in your workplace. Regardless of any challenges or obstacles encountered, helpful people will be there to assist you, producing good results in the end.

This is the year to carry out any major plans that you have prepared. It is also the perfect time to show people your talent and potential.

Wealth Luck

  • 70% 70%
Your wealth luck is promising, especially the direct income from your full-time job. Even though you have great earning this year, it is also important to keep a clear mind. This is because you might have the tendency to overspend on unnecessary things, so remember to manage your money carefully. Money comes fast and also goes fast.

If you want to spend, put the money into stable and reliable investment or business instead, so that you can reap the gain later. However, do not gamble or speculate on risky investment.

Career Luck

  • 80% 80%
Under the positive influence of many auspicious stars, you will have a smooth sailing career progression in 2022. The favourable star “sun” represents the help of male benefactors, so look out for one in your office.

If you are in the creative and design work industry, this year is beneficial to you. So fully tap on your potential and talent to try out different styles for a breakthrough.

In a nutshell, those belonging to the Chinese Rabbit Zodiac sign can look forward to a good career development. However, do not take shortcut to make rapid progress. Always plan and prioritize your goals right.

chinese rabbit zodiac career 2022


Love Luck

  • 55% 55%
Love relationship is complicated in 2022, especially for those who are still single. You have high chance of getting attached but this person might not be the right one for you. You get into love too quickly and hastily. These thrills and excitement will make you miss out critical red flags and this relationship might not last long. 

For those who are in a relationship or marriage, it is good to maintain a distance from the other gender. If not, it might cause unwanted misunderstandings and create frictions in the relationship. Spend more time with your loved ones and minimise any unnecessary socialisation after work. Under the influence of 2 unfavourable peach blossom stars, stay away from alcohol to avoid scandal.

Health Luck

  • 65% 65%
In terms of health, there is no major concern to be worried, but it will most likely be those minor common illnesses. However, avoid overworking and pay more attention to food hygiene. Avoid overeating, smoking and drinking that cause harm to your health.

You can get easily stressed out by work and might affect your emotional health. Learn to adopt a work life balance. You can consider picking up mediation that can help you enjoy relaxation. 

 Disclaimer: All zodiac sign forecast curated in this article are intended for general reference and entertainment purpose. For more accurate and personalized outlook forecast, it is recommended to approach a professional educational consultant to understand more.




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