2024 Auspicious Date Start Stop Work

2024 Auspicious Dates To Discontinue and Start Work For Good Luck

In Chinese culture, there are many traditions to follow to usher in good fortune. The most popular one is to choose auspicious dates for special events, like weddings, house moving, renovations, etc. In addition, it also includes determining a lucky date to cease and start work during the Chinese New Year period.

Do you want to know the auspicious dates to cease work to prepare for the Lunar New Year? Besides that, many believe that choosing auspicious dates to commence work can bring them good luck for the entire year.

Here are the dates to stop and start work in 2024 to usher in good luck for the upcoming year.

Things To Do For Discontinuation of Work For Good Fortune

1. Clear and De-Clutter Your Work Desk

The Lunar New Year symbolizes a new beginning. Spring cleaning is essential during this period because it’s more than just a physical cleaning. It’s time to start fresh and let go of old habits and thoughts.

For your desk, try to discard unnecessary items, whether they are documents or objects that don’t serve you anymore. It would be best if you also cleared your mind of any bad memories of the past year.

2. Clearing All Outstanding Debts

The Lunar New Year is a time of new beginnings and new opportunities. It is the perfect time to clear all your outstanding debts and welcome a good year.

Many believe that clearing their outstanding debts will bring them good fortune in the new year. It is because they think that this will allow them to start anew with a clean slate.

2024 Auspicious Dates To Discontinue Work

Gregorian DateDayClashing Zodiac To Avoid
08 February 2024ThursdayMonkey
09 February 2024FridayRooster
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Start Work Ritual To Usher Good Fortune

1. Choose an auspicious day and hour to start work by gathering all employees around the entrance.

2. Once the auspicious hour is up, perform the door-opening ritual usually performed by the highest management in the company. However, you should also check that their zodiac sign is compatible with the day.

3. Once the leader opens the door, encourage all staff to shout auspicious greetings and phrases upon entering the office.

4. To start a prosperous year, there is a tradition for the business owner or bosses to distribute red packets (Ang Paos) to all staff in the company as a blessing.

5. On the other hand, employees should prepare two mandarin oranges and wishes their superiors and colleagues auspicious greetings.

2024 Auspicious Dates To Commerce Work

Gregorian DateDayAuspicious TimingClashing Zodiac To Avoid
12 February 2024Monday9am - 1pmRat
13 February 2024Tuesday9am - 1pmOx
15 February 2024Thursday7am - 1pmRabbit
17 February 2024Saturday11am - 1pmSnake
21 February 2024Wednesday11am - 1pmRooster
24 February 2024Saturday9am - 1pmRat
Those who are sole proprietors or self-employed may also use their own Bazi to choose personalized auspicious dates for themselves.

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