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The Only One Benefit and 5 Drawbacks You Might Not Know In Fake Plants Feng Shui

In our everyday busy schedule, with many to-do lists, most people have to succumb to taking a few shortcuts to make our life easier.

Some of us might have the tendency to bring in the fake plants into their house or office because of convenience and easy care. But does bringing fake plants bring good or bad Feng Shui into our space? This topic has been an ongoing debate and people are still confused. We will look at some reasons fake plants are never a good choice for your home. However, there is also one good reason to use them.

Why Fake Plants is Considered Bad Feng Shui?

– All natural green plants are good to enhance the energy and purify the air in the working or living space. They also represent growth and a new beginning, but artificial plants and flowers do not support it.

– Natural plants encourage nourishing energy, but artificial green represents stagnant energy in contrast. It might be an elegant and beautiful house decor but it does not promote good Chi.

– Some believe that if you place fake plants in your bedroom, it attracts undesirable love affairs. For married couples, it might cause disharmony and can even cause third party intervention.

– If you place these faux plants in the living room, it attracts people who approach you with hidden motives in their mind.

– Apart from Feng Shui, it is also harmful to our environment. The production of processing these faux plants causes air pollution and synthetic materials are not easily recycled.

fake plants feng shui


There is also another group of voices that advocate and promote the use of artificial plants in our house or offices.

Why are Fake Plants Considered Good Feng Shui For Some People?

In some situation with a lack of natural lighting, artificial plants might be a better choice than the real one. It is always better to have an artificial plant rather than a dying or withering real one.

This is the case where a plant can help to improve the Feng Shui of that area, for example, pointed sharp wall corners.

If you wish to use these artificial green lushes, you must also remember to clean them because they collect dusts easily. Besides that, get those of good quality that resemble close to a natural one.




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