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7 Recommended Positions To Place Buddha Statue At Home

Buddha statues in the home are common in Chinese and Indian culture. Not only do these statues serve as an object of prayer, but they also bring a sense of peace and tranquillity to the home.

In addition, Feng Shui lovers will incorporate Buddha statues into their homes because they believe it helps attract positive energy or qi into a room.

Where To Place Buddha Statue at Home For Respect and Good Luck?

Placing a Buddha statue at home is an ancient practice that many people have used for centuries to create a harmonious space. They believed that the presence of a Buddha statue could bring positive energy into the home and ward off negative energy.

But where should you place your Buddha statue at home for maximum benefit? Therefore, this article will discuss the best places to put a Buddha statue in your home for respect and good luck.

Here are six recommended positions for placing a Buddha statue at home to help you get the most out of it. By following these placement tips, you can ensure that your Buddha statue is placed in a favourable position and brings good fortune and luck into your home.

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1. Buddha Statue To Face Main Entrance But Not Directly

Placing the Buddha statue facing the main door of your house can further increase its spiritual benefits. Moreover, this position will help ward off negative energy from entering the house and attract positive energy instead.

In addition, it will bring good fortune to those who live in the house and protect them from harm. Therefore, positioning a Buddha statue facing the main door at home can be beneficial. However, avoid placing the statue to face the door directly.

2. Be Mindful of Buddha’s Statue Surrounding

You should always place the buddha statue on a table and avoid placing it on the floor because it is disrespectful. In addition, you should also keep it clean and clutterless.

If you have other Feng Shui celestial animals, like Pixiu, Chi Lin, etc., they should always be displayed not higher than the Buddha statue.

3. Avoid Putting The Statue in Bedroom

Many people often regard having a Buddha statue at home as a source of spiritual energy and peace. However, it is essential to avoid placing a Buddha statue in the bedroom because it might affect your health, relationships and overall well-being.

In addition, the bedroom is an intimate space, and the presence of a Buddha statue is a sign of disrespect. As such, it is essential to keep the Buddha statue out of your bedroom and place somewhere more appropriate.

4. Don’t Place Buddha Statue in Bathroom

Buddha statues are sacred symbols of peace and serenity, so you should not place them in the bathroom. Placing a Buddha statue in the bathroom is considered disrespectful in many cultures.

Many see the bathroom as an unclean place filled with stagnant energy, so having a Buddha statue there will bring bad luck. Therefore, it is essential to understand the spiritual significance behind these statues before deciding where to place them.

5. Put The Statue Where You Can See It

Keeping Buddha sculptures in drawers, cupboards, or safes is disrespectful and goes against its purpose of bringing peace and harmony. On the contrary, when Buddha sculptures are visible, it reminds us to stay mindful and practice compassion towards all living beings.

Therefore, we must keep them in an open space, such as our home or office, where everyone can see them and feel their energies.

6. Keep Them Away From Electronic Equipments

It is crucial to place the buddha statues in an area where they can be undisturbed and away from any sources of noise or disruption. It is because electronic equipment such as sound systems and televisions can produce many sounds that disrupt the peaceful atmosphere created by your Buddha statue.

7. Be Careful of Poison Arrows

In Feng Shui, you might have heard about the “poison arrow“, also known as “Sha Qi”, which creates destructive energy towards the object it is directing. Therefore, you should avoid placing your buddha facing any negative energy flows, for example, open shelves cabinet, under the beam, facing towards the pointed edge of the furniture.



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