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Is Main Door Facing Lift Door Good or Bad Feng Shui?

The main door is one of the three most important areas to pay extra attention to in residential Feng Shui. It is the mouth of “Chi”, the first point receiving the incoming energy flow. There are a few common external structures to avoid when choosing your new house.

One of the most commonly seen exterior layouts is the main door facing the lift, which might cause potential problems for the household members.

Why is Main Door Facing Lift Bad Feng Shui?

First, let’s understand why the main door facing the lift is undesirable. The opening and closing of the lift door symbolize the mouth of a tiger waiting to prey, also known as “Open Mouth Sha”. It can bring disharmony in the family and even increase the probability of unexpected accidents and operations.

Furthermore, the movement of the opening and closing of the lift door creates rushing Qi into your main entrance. It also causes the energy to disperse and cannot be gathered. This layout will cause difficulty for the members of the house to accumulate wealth and assets.

From a scientific and logical point of view, it can also cause health issues for the family members. It is because many people or pets using the lift might carry a virus with the possibility of transmitting it into the house. Privacy will be a concern since anyone leaving the lift will immediately see you.

main door facing lift feng shui layout


What are The Feng Shui Cure and Remedy to This Situation?

– Place a string of 5 or 6 emperor coins under the doormat inside your house

– To place a pair of Fu dogs / imperial lions to neutralise the Sha qi if you have a big area in front of your house

– Hang a faceted white crystal ball at the side of your main door to reduce the impact of the negative energy.



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