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7 Mind-Boggling Gambling Superstitions You Won’t Believe

Known by the world, the Chinese are a superstitious group of people. Many gambling superstitions are deeply rooted in Chinese traditions and culture. Many widely believed that following these rituals can help boost your luck during gambling, whether playing mahjong, poker or going to the casino.

Below is a list of Chinese gambling superstitions and taboos for your reference.

1. Wearing Red

Wearing red, preferably red underwear, and going to a casino is a popular gambling superstition or a cultural belief associated with luck in some societies, especially in Chinese culture. The Chinese believe red is a lucky colour, symbolizing prosperity, wealth, and good fortune.

Therefore, wearing red clothing or accessories, including red underwear, bra or anything red, while visiting a casino can bring positive energy and increase one’s chances of winning.

2. Counting Money is Bad Gambling Superstitions

Counting money when gambling is sometimes seen as tempting fate or inviting bad luck. Gamblers might avoid counting their winnings to prevent jinxing themselves. Conversely, counting losses could be perceived as acknowledging negative energy, potentially leading to further bad luck.

3. Don’t Pat Shoulder of a Gambler

The superstition of not hitting or touching the shoulder of someone while they are gambling is rooted in the belief that this action could pat away their good luck.

However, if you think logically, touching or hitting someone’s shoulder could break their concentration, potentially affecting their decision-making and gameplay.

4. No Books Around

The well-known superstition of not having someone reading a book behind or in front of you while gambling is rooted in the phonetic similarity between the Chinese words for “book” and “to lose.” Therefore, shoo away anyone reading a book before you start losing the game.


5. Avoid Pregnant Woman

It is a big taboo for gamblers to gamble against a pregnant woman because the Chinese believe that expectant women are “carrying their good fortune inside their belly,” they also have extra pairs of “eyes” to observe the whole scene.

6. No Gambling When You See Monks or Nuns

Do not gamble after having seen either monks or nuns. Some people believe that the presence of monks or nuns carries a unique spiritual energy, so engaging in activities like gambling might be seen as misusing or disturbing this energy.

7. Go Toilet If You Keep Losing

If you are on a losing streak, many people believe that going to the toilet brings you luck and serves as a psychological reset. This action allows the gamblers to take a short break, clear their mind and break the pattern of a losing streak.

On the other hand, if you are on a winning streak, do not leave your seat for the toilet because it will wash away your good luck.

It’s important to remember that gambling superstitions are often deeply ingrained in cultural beliefs and personal practices. While these beliefs are not based on factual evidence or scientific proof, they can enhance the gambling experience for those who follow them.

Whether one follows these superstitions or not, responsible gambling practices remain crucial to ensuring a healthy and enjoyable gaming experience.



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