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8 Easy to Follow Wallet Feng Shui Tips to Attract Wealth and Prosperity

Who doesn’t love to attract more wealth into their life? Many people have tried many ways to achieve this goal, but most neglect their wallets or purse with Feng Shui. A new year signifies a fresh start for everyone, and do you want to use wallet Feng Shui to attract wealth luck in the new year?

Follow these eight simple and easy to follow tips to boost the money energy in the wallet.

1. Keep It Clutter-less and in Good Condition

First, it is best to keep your wallet clean and tidy, so start clearing all the unnecessary stuff out of your purse and wallet. Similarly to home and office Feng Shui, clearing out an area and removing the stagnant energy will make room for new energy to flow.

Here are some dos and don’ts for items you should put into the wallet.

a. Receipt, credit card bill or anything representing debt or spending money.

b. Always keep your wallet packed with money because it symbolises abundance. So avoid having an empty wallet.

c. Do not place junk in your wallet, like used sweet wrappers, old name cards, or expired membership cards.

In a nutshell, remove anything you no longer use and only put those essential items.

2. Store Your Wallet Properly

Next, you must treat your wallet well before they treat you well. Allocate a specified location in your house for your wallet and place it there whenever you are at home so that they will feel treasured.

Once you learn to appreciate them, it will attract more money into your life. Avoid casually tossing your wallet away on the dining table or anywhere convenient. It will be worse if you place the wallet inside the bathroom.

3. Respect your Wallet

Take good care of your wallet and avoid placing it on the floor, especially on the toilet floor. It might be affected by filth and negative energy.

4. Colour Matter in Wallet Feng Shui

The colour of the wallet stands for different elements and has meaning behind it. So choose the right one that suits your needs and intentions.

Wallet Feng Shui Color/Element/Representation Chart

BlackWaterBlack is the most common and popluar color and you got it right! Black represent wealth and prosperity. If you are looking for advancement in career or soar in your business, black is the color to go for.
BlueWaterBlue symbolize money will be drained just like water (attract splurging) and it is hard to accumulate wealth, so the colour is not recommended.
RedFireRed represent fire and it is not advisable for wallet colour because it will burn away your wealth luck.
BrownEarthIf you want to increase savings or has the habit of spending too much money, this color may help you to save money.
PinkFireThis colour is more suitable for ladies who are looking for the other half as it increase love and relationship luck. If you are looking for increasing wealth, do not use this colour
GreenWoodGreen represents growth and life. In home Feng Shui, you will add green plant to help increase the positive flow of energy in your space, a green wallet will help to increase income opportunity. It is especially suitable for entrepreneurs to welcome business idea and opportunities.
YellowMetalNormal light yellow color wallet may often attract money, but it will be often in and out. Money flows well but spending a lot of money as well.

To resolve the above situation, you might consider mustard yellow or pastel yellow for wallet/purse.

If you want to save money, choose mustard yellow and if you someone who want to increase wealth luck you can choose pastel yellow instead.
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5. Avoid 2nd Hand / Used Wallet

Do not use a refurbished wallet because you will be affected by the previous owner’s energy. Also, you will never know if it is good luck or bad, so get a brand new one instead.

6. Activate Wealth Luck With a Lucky Symbol

Magnetize and attract more money energies by putting 3 Feng Shui coins on a red ribbon next to your cash inside your wallet.

7. Be Organized and Sort out your Notes

You can tell a person’s wealth by looking at how they place their money into their wallets. You should respect and appreciate the money by neatly sorting out all their notes and coins. Those who are broke or always lack money will have disorganized and messy wallets.

Always arrange your notes upright before inserting them into your wallet. It has a considerable influence over the energetic relationship between you, the wallet, and money.

Get a wallet or purse with compartments to organize your things neatly.

8. Choose An Auspicious Shape

Avoid choosing irregular wallet/purse shapes. It is best to have a long and straight type where you do not have to fold the notes to put them. Also, it helps to enhance wealth luck.

I hope you can apply these easy wallet Feng Shui tips to usher wealth and abundance into your life. We wish you a prosperous year ahead and Huat (發) all year long.

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